NFL Draft 2013: Ranking The 1-Technique And 3-Technique 4-3 Defensive Tackles

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    When I evaluate potential 1-technique defensive tackles, I look for size, strength and quickness. They don't have to be extremely fast, but they should show some natural athletic ability and quickness to their game. Usually these prospects are great at stuffing the run, but they still need to have some pass rushing ability.

    The 3-technique lines up between the guard and tackle and will shade over either side of the guard's shoulder. Most of the time the 3-technique will get a one-on-one matchup with the guard. Usually their job is to win that matchup and shoot the gap and get into the backfield. While the 1-technique needs to be large and strong, the 3-technique is usually lighter and quicker because their game is based off of speed. It's much harder to find the 3-technique because of the athleticism that is required to play the position.

    When I evaluate potential 3-technique defensive tackles, I am looking for a good motor, quickness and pass rushing ability. Size isn't really a big issue because those other attributes are far more important to the success of an effective 3-technique tackle.

    1-Technique 4-3 Defensive Tackle Rankings
    Rank Name School Height Weight
    1 Star Lotulelei Utah 6-3 320
    2 Johnathan Hankins* Ohio State 6-3 320
    3 Jesse Williams Alabama 6-3 320
    4 John Jenkins Georgia 6-4 359
    5 Brandon Williams Missouri Southern State 6-2 341
    *denotes underclassman

    The 1-technique is a very important position on the defense, but I don't believe the Cowboys should be spending a first round pick to find a player who would probably be getting off the field on third down passing situations. It's a position that requires some pass rushing ability, but not as much as the 3-technique. Star Lotulelei is a unique player that can be a handful, so he would be worth the investment, but he's a potential top-five pick.

    Hankins would be great
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    The way I see it we already have one of the top disruptive DTs in the league in Jason Hatcher who seems to have come into his own the last couple of years. Even though he is 31 he actually hasn't played a lot of snaps of high level football so his body may not have absorbed as much punishment as is typical. I think he should be a good 3-tech for us next year.

    As for the 5-tech LDE, I think Tyrone Crawford and Sean Lissemore can play that role fine.

    Now for the 1-tech, this is where we struggle. Last year Brent played most of the snaps but no one knows his status for next year. Ratliff can play here but he is coming off an injury plagued year and we may not be able to rely upon him.

    I think our biggest hole is 1-tech but I would just take the best player available since our 2 best interior players are in their 30s and Rat will be cut next year and Hatcher will be a FA. So either way we need interior players badly and I wouldn't mind if we traded down a bit and ended up with 2 DTs in the first two rounds with maybe an OG thrown in there as well.
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    I agree the more easily replaced player is the one technique.I
    n my pool on tier one for 3 technique is Star Lotutlelei ,Sheldon Richardson, next level S Floyd, Kawaan Short(Short and Richardson have some knucklehead in them i.e. need some polite coaching help).
    If we get a to draft a 3 technique it puts us in a better position of avoiding a large contract to Hatcher when he is well into his thirties unless the draft pick falls on his face and then we pay up and hope those early low miles pays dividends.
    This week will solidify the picks somewhat after their runs and tests at the combine, we should know if we are in the running for a tier one 3 technique, or working on the one technique talent.
    The mock draft by Risen Star over the weekend had the boys taking Hankins after a trade that netted a number 3, although Sheldon Richardson(I would of taken him) was still on the board this scenario may be closer to the real life scenario with us trading back and grabbing a one technique.
    I am almost positive Jerry could not survive the PR hit of moving up to grab Star Lotulelei so thank god for last years draft movement to handcuff Jerry this year and make this draft a little more predicable.

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