NFL Draft Blitz 7 round mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. SDogo

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    Besides a few head scratchers I would be thrilled with this mock.

    2-19-51 Dallas-Jairus Byrd, CB-Oregon
    Impartial to this pick
    3- 5-69 Dallas from Cleveland-Rashad Johnson, S-Alabama
    Love it
    4- 1-101 Dallas from Detroit-Gerald Cadogan, OT-Penn State
    Love it
    4-17-117 Dallas-Lawrence Sidbury, Jr., DE-Richmond
    You kidding! Love it!
    5-20-156 Dallas-Terrence Taylor, DT-Michigan
    Impartial to this pick
    5-30-166 Dallas from Tennessee-Jeremiah Johnson, RB-Oregon
    We don't need a RB but it would be great value
    5-36-172 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)-Graham Gano, K-Florida State
    Huh? ***?
    6-24-197 Dallas from Miami-Edwin Williams, C-Maryland
    impartial to this pick
    6-35-208 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)-Johnny Knox, WR-Abilene Christian
    Love it!
    7- 1-210 Dallas from Detroit- Mike Reilly, QB-Central Michigan
    Love it!
    7-18-227 Dallas-Travis McCall, FB/TE-Alabama
    Love it!
  2. silverbear

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    One of the all-time worst mocks I've ever seen... I mean, that's just putrid...

    Byrd is too slow to justify a second round pick, I believe he'll be a bust in the NFL... he's the kind of player I might gamble a late round pick on, at best...

    The Johnson pick is OK, Cadogan would be too except he most likely won't be on the board at that point... it's the same with Sidbury, nice player but he's probably gone before the end of the 3rd round... both picks are highly unrealistic, and suggest their rating system is whacked...

    Taylor is a good need pick, but there is no need for a running back in this draft (Johnson), and NO need for a kicker (Gano), period... though the Boys could use a quality backup center, and Williams has great size, but he's a stiff... all of his agility numbers at the combine-- 40 time, 20 time, 10 time, 20 shuttle, 3 cone-- were below average, highlighted by a 5th worst time in the 20 yard shuttle and a 6th worst time in the 3 cone drill... his strength is average at best (22 reps in the bench press), too...

    IOW, center is a position that requires quickness, and he doesn't have much... no thanks... Knox will never fall that far, not in a million years, and Reilly has a rep for having a weak arm, by NFL standards... after Brad Johnson, I've had enough of weak-armed QBs... finally, McCall is good lead blocker, but he's WAY too slow to offer you anything in the passing game, and the Cowboys want (need) their fullback to be able to swing out and catch the ball...

    If the Cowboys had a draft that looked like that, I'd start taking up a collection to have Tom Ciskowski or Jerry, or both, killed... I'm almost offended, that mock is so freakin' bad... :D
  3. Rampage

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    I would be happy with that draft.
  4. Woods

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    I think that one of the things that hurt Byrd's 40 time is that he was recovering from a groin injury - and that's why he could only run after the Combine, etc.

    I'd guess he's closer to a 4.5 guy than a 4.7 guy.
  5. silverbear

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    That makes some sense, he wouldn't be rated nearly as high as he is if he was that slow...

    But I still wouldn't spend a second round pick on the ASSUMPTION that he's faster... that's why I said I might gamble a late round pick on him, but you don't gamble with the 51st pick in the draft... I want a little surer bet than that...
  6. silverbear

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    Why do you hate the Cowboys so much??

    I'm kidding, Rampage...
  7. AmishCowboy

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    Lotta talk that Bryd will be a Safety in the NFL, if that's the case then there is no need for Johnson. Taylor, Knox and Sidbury are nice picks though. Cadogan is soft.
  8. BigBoy63

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    replace the kicker and the HB witha postion we need and i would like it. Maybe an ILB, would be good with one of those picks.
  9. cowboyjoe

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    so i gather you dont like that mock draft silverbear? im not in love with the first pick, i think we can do alot better than byrd
  10. silverbear

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    It's not just that I don't like the picks, joe... some of them I like just fine...

    But every bit as bad is the way they have the Cowboys drafting players in ridiculous places, LONG after they're sure to be off the draft boards-- Sidbury in the 4th?? Knox in the 6th??

    Yeah, that'll happen... IOW, this mock sucks because it's completely unrealistic... this is weird to me, NFL Draft Blitz used to do a pretty good job with their mocks...
  11. BAT

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    Not a fan of the mock either, but Knox is currently rated between the 4th and 6th. But he has a slight frame despite his all world speed and he also played at Abilene Christian, and there are bound to be higher ranked players who fall. Not so sure that Knox in the 6th is that unrealistic.

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