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    April 21: There are a couple of events to keep an eye on later today. First, Detroit will be holding its annual pre-draft presser and while the Lions aren’t likely to give much away in terms of where they stand with regards to who will be the first player selected at Saturday’s draft, it is always fun to try and read the clues in the tea leaves. Indeed, there is some speculation around the league that team president Tom Lewand may have let the cat out of the bag at yesterday‘s ceremony to unveil the Lions‘ updated mascot and uniforms.

    With fans in attendance chanting “Curry, Curry, Curry!” presumably in reference to Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry who is considered by many draft analysts to be the safest pick in this year‘s draft class, rather than the lack of spicy food at the event, Lewand said that the Lions would do what they think will be best in the long-term interest for the team. Given that Curry, along with OTs Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe would be expected to play sooner rather than later, while only QB Matt Stafford, among the candidates to be taken first overall isn’t expected to play much his first year, that had people thinking Stafford will indeed be the Lions guy… Meanwhile, Denver officials are expected to be in Los Angeles later today for a very late in the process private workout with USC QB Mark Sanchez. With only journeyman veterans Kyle Orton and Chris Simms left on the roster after the Broncos traded Jay Cutler to Chicago last month, Denver needs to upgrade at the position. And while the Broncos, who have the 12th and 18th picks in this year’s first round, appear to have the ammunition to move into the top 10 to get Sanchez, there is some speculation that Denver may not have the cap room to absorb the salary of a top 5 pick…

    One of the things NFL teams do in the final weeks before the draft is go back to the game tapes of top prospects who have dropped for whatever reason in the pre-draft process. And that appears to have happened with both Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree and Alabama OT Andre Smith in recent weeks. Both had been considered potential #1 picks overall at some point in the early draft process, but both had dropped, possibly as far as the middle of the opening round. Crabtree, of course, was never able to work out for pro scouts after undergoing surgery to repair a stress fracture in his foot, while Smith plummeted like a rock because of maturity issues, especially after he went AWOL at the combine without letting anyone know. While there are still issues with both players - teams wonder, for example, about Crabtree’s mental toughness, while Smith’s weight remains an issue - however, when teams went back to the tapes they saw two very productive players. Indeed, Crabtree is being whispered as going as high as St. Louis with the second overall pick and isn’t expected to last much beyond the top 5, while Smith seems likely to be selected within the top 10 as many teams feel actually more upside than either Baylor’s Jason Smith or Virginia’s Eugene Monroe who are rated ahead of him on the OT value chart…

    Add DII Dixie State OT Ryan Del Rosal to the growing list sleepers in the 2009 draft, although a feature story on him in the Miami Herald may have blown his cover somewhat. Del Rosal is a 6-5, 310 pound prospect who came to fotball late in high school and never played big-time college football because of bad grades, but he’s a bit of an athletic freak who reportedly has run under 5.0 seconds in the 40, but can still do 35 reps in the bench-press… Speaking of Miami, the Dolphins are reportedly shopping veteran RB Ronnie Brown for what is believed to be a mid second-round pick. If they did move Brown, the second overall pick in 2005 who has been to the Pro Bowl, but also has had injury problems in his career, the Dolphins would likely to pick a running back early in the draft to replace him.
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    Ronnie Brown for a 2nd rounder? Yeah right. With that contract I might give up a 5th.
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    I want to see Lion fan reaction after the pick announced Saturday. Does anyone really think they will boo Stafford getting picked?
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    yeah i hear half of the fans want curry the linebacker because he is from that area
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    Curry is from Fayetteville, NC

    Still, I could see why they would want him.

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