NFL Draft Lottery... yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, May 31, 2012.

  1. Risen Star

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    An informal poll here.

    Would you be in favor of the NFL holding their own draft lottery to determine the first half or so of the 1st round?
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  2. Muhast

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    No wayyyyyy. The NBA's system is terrible!

    This year there is speculation that the Draft was rigged(mostly due to the fact that the NBA owned Hornets(who were desperate to find a buyer, and Tom Benson of the Saints bought them) landed the #1 pick overall. Also they don't show the balls being picked live. Since you can't see the balls randomly drawn for yourself it leads for speculation that it could easily be rigged. Was it? I doubt it, but the fact that you can even speculate is reason enough to not do it.
  3. Risen Star

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    Yeah, it could have easily been a "Okay, I'll buy the team, but you got to give me something back in the form of the 1st overall pick" type of deal.

    I don't want this thread to turn into a we couldn't trust the NFL to be legit rallying cry. I mean an honest, fair lottery every year. Shown on TV. Monitored by all the teams.

    Would you be in favor of that or do you like the order now that is designed for parity?
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  4. BraveHeartFan

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    I have no interest in a draft lottery.
  5. RastaRocket

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    Yes. I can't stand the idea of tanking games to earn a pick.
  6. RastaRocket

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    The owners would fire Goodell so fast if he rigged the lottery.
  7. rocboy22

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    Tough one. Maybe only for top 3 teams or something. Each of the 3 worst teams have the same number of balls, and only those 3 can move spots. Just pick 1, 2, 3. Teams would still prob tank just to get in the top 3 though....
  8. rkell87

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    I think it would be cool to have a lottery for an extra pick, right in the middle of the first round at pick 16, worst team is in the drawing 32 times, best is in the drawing once and the pick can't be traded
  9. Risen Star

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    I prefer the way they do it now. Let the worst teams have the high picks.

    But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't find an NFL draft lottery epic TV viewing.
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  10. cajuncocoa

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  11. Manwiththeplan

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    No, I'd be against it. In the NFL, tanking for 1 player, even an Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning just isn't worth it. They are 1 player, in a game that has 22 starters. 1 player isn't worth an entire season of losing, thus a lottery would serve no purpose and would only keep bad teams at the bottom of the league longer.

    In basketball, 1 player does make a difference. Even though neither Shaq or Lebron won titles with the teams that drafted them, both franchises enjoyed more success while they were there, than any other time prior. Orlando was able to somewhat match the success of the Shaq era when they landed another can't miss big man in Dwight Howard. Cleveland will take a long time to duplicate that same success. So if I owned an NBA team, and I was 8-20 through the first third or so of the season, I'd not only be okay with tanking, I would encourage it if there were no lottery system becasue all it takes is 1 player, and you are a playoff team every year.

    The problem with the NBA's system is the lottery includes too many teams. Here are a couple points as to just how bad the lottery system is broken.

    -2011 Cleveland wins the lottery with the pick they recieve from the Clippers which had the 8th best odds.
    -2008 Chicago wins the lottery with the 9th best odds.
    -2007 Portland wins the lottery with the 7th best odds.
    -1993 Orlando wins the lotter with the 11th best odds (41-41!)

    what they should do is only include the top 4 teams in the lottery. worst record gets a 40% chance, 2nd worse gets 30%, 3rd worse gets 20% chance and 4th worse gets a 10% chance. that will eliminate a lot of upset fans. the upsetting trend is 3 teams since 07' that have had no buisness getting the #1 pick, have won it, while on the flip side the team with the worst record has not won it since 2004.
  12. Risen Star

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    Good stuff. I can't argue with any of it. One player in the NBA means much more than one player in the NFL.

    I'm just surprised more fans haven't been for this idea if only to have a chance at a high pick more often than we do right now.

    Of course it works the other way too. We could be one of the 2 or 3 worst teams in the league and the ping pong balls give us the 8th pick. That would suck.
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  13. Afigueroa22

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    That would be cool....if we won it every year.
  14. Hostile

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    I like the drama, but not the results. I think the NBA draft lottery is rigged. I don't want that in the NFL. I like the picks being on "lack of merit" since merit doesn't really work.

    To me, the NFL Draft is already great drama where other sports drafts are dull.
  15. SDogo

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    Why this idea will ALWAYS be considered? Money.......

    Can you imagine the drama and viewing audience of a LIVE drawing of this type in the NFL?

    The NFL would turn it into a 6 hour program with ESPN and the NFL Network all over it. The idea is not far fetched and the NFL recognizes the money that's out there.

    I'm not 100% opposed to it but it would take some tweaking to meet my approval.
  16. Kangaroo

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    If that was the case then San Antonio would never had gotten Duncan Boston would have because Boston drives NBA ratings. SA beat out Boston and Philadelphia for the number 1 pick

    In the Dwight Howard draft Orlando over Chicago for the #1 pick.

    If it was rigged then those would never had happen
  17. big dog cowboy

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    Not me. Not even close.
  18. Ren

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    Takes away tanking for draft picks so yeah i'd be for it as long as it was legit
  19. Biggems

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    will David Stern be involved to fix it like he did for the Knicks to get Ewing and the Hornets to get Davis?

    my biggest complaint about the lottery is that we cannot see the selection of the balls live. I know it can still be fixed, but the masses would be able to accept it more if they were able to see the balls pop up with their own two eyes.

    I for one like the lottery for the NBA, in spite of Stern. However, I do not like it for the NFL. In fact, I don't even like the supplemental draft for the NFL.....never really have.
  20. Toruk_Makto

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    The NBA draft is monitored by representation from every team.

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