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NFL Draft order, FYI

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dbair1967, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. dbair1967

    dbair1967 Arch Defender

    30,783 Messages
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    This is for those who were confused on the subject (Nors and that other guy specifically)

    Draft positions 1-20 are determined by record, the team with the worst record during the regular season picks first and so on. If two teams have the same record, the strength of schedule tie-breaker is used which is the combined winning percentage of all teams on each team's schedule for the current season. If teams are still tied after strength of schedule has been applied, the division or conference tie breakers are used. If teams are still tied after applying all tiebreakers or if two teams are tied that are in different conferences, a coin toss after the season will determnine which team gets priority.

    Playoff teams fill out positions 21-32 based on the round in which they exit the playoffs. If you do not see your team above, if the season ended today, they would be in the playoffs.

  2. nathanlt

    nathanlt Well-Known Member

    2,621 Messages
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    Looking at that website, I'd have to say that the best Dallas can get is #9 pick. That's if Titans beat Lions, Jags beat the Raiders, and Giants beat Dallas.
  3. Nors

    Nors Benched

    22,015 Messages
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    Looking at the past few draft orders - they are right.
  4. Nors

    Nors Benched

    22,015 Messages
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    If two or more clubs are tied in the selection order, the strength-of-schedule tie breaker is applied, subject to the following exceptions for playoff clubs:

    1. The Super Bowl winner is last and the Super Bowl loser next-to-last.
    2. Any non-Super Bowl playoff club involved in a tie shall be assigned priority within its segment below that of non-playoff clubs and in the order that the playoff clubs exited from the playoffs. Thus, within a tied segment a playoff club that loses in the Wild-Card game will have priority over a playoff club that loses in the Divisional playoff game, which in turn will have priority over a club that loses in the Conference Championship game. If two tied clubs exited the playoffs in the same round, the tie is broken by strength of schedule.

    TRANSLATION - Only 2 super bowl teams are ranked. The rest reverts to records. If there is a tie - 8-8 non playoff versus 8-8 playoff the non playoff team gets lower choice.

    You are wrong David.

    If any ties cannot be broken by strength of schedule, the divisional or conference tie breakers, whichever are applicable, are applied. Any ties that still exist are broken by a coin flip.
  5. Nors

    Nors Benched

    22,015 Messages
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    Pick Team W-L Opponents' record Pct.
    1. Houston --- --- ---
    2. Carolina 1-15 147-109 .574
    3. Detroit 2-14 149-107 .582
    4. Buffalo 3-13 136-120 .531
    5. San Diego 5-11 124-132 .484
    6. Dallas 5-11 128-128 .500
    7. Minnesota 5-11 134-122 .523
    8. Kansas City 6-10 132-124 .516
    9. Jacksonville 6-10 134-122 .523
    10. Cincinnati 6-10 136-120 .531
    11. Indianapolis 6-10 144-112 .563
    12. Arizona 7-9 114-142 .445
    13. New Orleans 7-9 127-129 .496
    14. Tennessee# 7-9 133-123 .520
    15. N.Y. Giants# 7-9 133-123 .520
    16. Cleveland* 7-9 136-120 .531
    17. Atlanta* 7-9 136-120 .531
    18. Washington 8-8 121-135 .473
    19. Denver 8-8 125-131 .488
    20. Seattle 9-7 116-140 .453
    21. Oakland (from Tampa Bay) 10-6 120-136 .469
    22. N.Y. Jets 10-6 131-125 .512
    23. Oakland 10-6 120-136 .469
    24. Baltimore 10-6 131-125 .512
    25. New Orleans (from Miami) 7-9 127-129 .496
    26. Philadelphia 11-5 124-132 .484
    27. San Francisco 12-4 119-137 .465
    28. Green Bay 12-4 111-145 .434
    29. Chicago 13-3 119-137 .465
    30. Pittsburgh 13-3 107-149 .418
    31. St. Louis 14-2 121-135 .473
    32. New England 11-5 115-141 .449

    * Cleveland won a coin flip with Atlanta (teams had identical opponents'
  6. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

    22,917 Messages
    1,017 Likes Received
    The Playoffs do have an effect on draft order. Unless they just changed it this year.
  7. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    18,315 Messages
    9,464 Likes Received
    It is nice to be referred to as "that other guy" I thought this was a 'friendly' board for COWBOY fans. You statement seems as if you think I'm an Eagles fans. Just because I don't post here that often doesn't mean you need to be disrespectful.

    Anyway, here is another link about the draft order, so I stil lsay it is based on records. However, I always thought the only tie breaker was a coin flip, as to were this states the non-playoff team selects before the playoff team if the records are the same but does not say the playoff teams specifically choose 21 to 32. They are initially listed as 21-32 until after the playoffs are over, or as they are eliminated.


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