NFL DRAFT Profile 3: Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Mar 24, 2007.

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    Did you watch him play live games? He is SO SLOW, i dont care what his 40 time says. He will be able to get 0 seperation from NFL corners. He is Mike Williams. No thanks to any WR in the 1st (minus of course CJ)
  3. Apollo Creed

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    I'd be happy with Jarrett, Ginn, Meachum, or Bowe in the first round. Any of those names would make my day.
  4. skinsscalper

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    There isn't a linebacker in the league who couldn't cover this guy. SLLLOOOOWWWW! No thanks.



    THUMPER Papa

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    Hmmm, I have watched him play live several times and found him to be much faster than he looks. He has run away from DBs many times. He isn't quick off the line but he has good top end speed once he gets going.

    He is a long strider which makes him look slower but guys have a hard time of catching him from behind.

    I was at the USC/Cal game this year right near the endzone when he caught a TD pass right in front of us as well as the Notre Dame game the following week when he caught 3. He doesn't have blazing speed but then neither did Irvin or Keyshawn (who he reminds me of). He is definitely NOT Mike Williams, he is much better in every phase of the game and keeps himself in great shape.

    I am hoping we take him at #22.
  6. moet21

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    I would much rather Ppick up Bowe from LSU he can get better seperation, However as a whole Nelson is the man I want if hes around
  7. Tristan

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    Jarrett is a playmaker! I've seen almost every game he played and he has Michael Irvin speed IMO.

    He dramatically improved his route running and quickness last year, if you watched him during his freshman-Sophemore seasons he did appear slower, and it was a valid concern.

    If you watched him this year you saw a much faster WR IMO, his dedication to improve showed on the field and allowed him to play with significantly improved "football speed", he will not be a young Randy Moss, but he will at the very least be a young Keyshawn type, and IMO has the skills to be a Michael Irvin type playmaker.

    He will be a "impact" player IMO, he will grab the big TD, make the clutch third down play, he is money! and I would love to see him with a star on his helmet.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Very well put Tristan! :starspin
  9. NextGenBoys

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    I think the question is did YOU watch him play any live games? Perhaps agains ND when he lit them up, and torched Tom Zbikowski, or against Michigan in the Rose Bowl when he burned Leon Hall for a TD. He's no burner, but he's also not Mike Williams. I'm not saying "oh yay, we have to draft him" but I wont be disappointed at all if we take him. All this coming from a guy who HATES USC football.
  10. conner01

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    i remember reading all the same stuff about mike williams
    i think he is the riskiest pick in the 1st rnd
    if we go wr i would much rather have a bowe or meachum.
    i don't think wr in the 1st is the right move but if we do it has to be a solid #1 guy and i don't see jarrett being that guy
  11. cowboyz

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    tom zbikowski is slow, the notre dame secondary is atrocious.

    and the cal defensive back damieon hughes although a good player is slow.

    dwayne jarrett hasn't even run a 40 because he's slow. if you want slow, then stay with hurd.

    dallas needs a speedster to replace glenn, like ted ginn or a fast big guy like meachem. not a keyshawn johnson.
  12. RealCowboyfan

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    Good Point:bow:

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