NFL Draft Prospect Rankings - offensive line

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Big Country, Jan 2, 2006.

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    1. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia
    2. Eric Winston, Miami
    3. Jonathan Scott, Texas
    4. Marcus McNeill, Auburn
    5. Winston Justice, USC, Jr.
    6. Daryn Colledge, Boise St.
    7. Andrew Whitworth, LSU
    8. Jeremy Trueblood, Boston College
    9. Adam Stenavich, Michigan
    10. Jabari Levey, South Carolina


    1. Max Jean-Gilles, Georgia
    2. Taitusi Lutui, USC
    3. Davin Joseph, Oklahoma
    4. Mark Setterstrom, Minnesota
    5. Ryan Cook, New Mexico
    6. Charles Spencer, Pitt
    7. Ryan O'Callaghan, Cal
    8. Aldo De La Garza, Texas AM
    9. Matt Lentz, Michigan
    10. Jami Hightower, Texas AM


    1. Greg Eslinger, Minnesota
    2. Mike Degory, Florida
    3. Nick Mangold, Ohio St.
    4. Marvin Philip, Cal
    5. Patrick Ross, Boston College
  2. Natedawg44

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    The two guys I like alot on that list Jonathan Scott and Marcus McNeil
    Davin Joseph out of the guards. He's versatile could play RT or either guard
    I thought I would see Ryan Cook there for the centers.
    Mangold is the ultimate leader, smart heady football player
  3. Maikeru-sama

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    Looks like a great crop of young bucks at Offensive Tackle.

    No excuses...let's take one with the first pick.
  4. Hostile

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    Good ones will be available in the 2nd round should we decide to fix ILB, DL, OLB, or FS.
  5. Maikeru-sama

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    Im sure we can say the same for some of the defensive positions.

    - Mike G.
  6. Dough Boy

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    I say we stick to our draft board and go with the highest ranked ILB, OLB, FS, OT in this draft. Based on the 3-4, you can get good OLB in the 2nd. Historically, good not elite, ILB, FS and OT go in the 2nd round.

    I would say at 18, the highest rated FS and maybe OLB would be there. When I say highest rated OLB, I'm referring to 3-4 OLB or small DE or tweener. I would say at 18, we are in a good spot to draft an impact player that can come in and start day 1.
  7. Trip

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    You know Jerry Jones is always a threat to trade down and this draft might actually be a good time to do it. Trade down to the end of the first, and pick up an extra second rounder, and a lot of the players we're all talking about them taking will still be there.
  8. CactusCowboy

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    If he comes out and shows he has grown up a bit, Justice has mega upside.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Just beat me to it. Missing a 4th rounder, my bet is we try to trade down a few spots. April sounds like a loooooooong time from now.
  10. Trip

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    The draft's a long ways away, but the combine will be fun.

    I loved watching that on the NFL Network last year. We're so spoiled as sports fans nowadays, compared to when I was young!
  11. Yeagermeister

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    I'll take one of each...thanks :D
  12. AmishCowboy

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    I would rather sign FA's on the Offensive line, Guys who are ready to play now, and then take the highest rated player on our draft board.
  13. sago1

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    Why do you guys think we can continue to just use up so much cap on OL players. We've got lots of money tied up on Adams & Allen, but at least they are our guys. Lot of money tied up on Riveria as well and now you want to tied up whatever remaining money we got on more OL. We have 3 picks first day but on 2nd day no 4th rounder. Need to add another pick first day and can do that by trading down 2-3 places and still sign quality OT or OG. Depending on what we do, the best OG is Max Jean Gilles who has athletic ability to also play RT in NFL. Draft him in first round; probably can beat out Riveria and/or if either goes down in 06, Gilles steps in permanently. OT position so good we can get a good one in 2nd round; use 3rd round to pick up good FS or LB. Do agree we should take BPA or have to be realistic as well.

    Depending on how much cap we would have available, sign 1-2 best LBs available & familiar with 3-4. Also wouldn't object if we did same with FS. I'd also like to sign a quality WR to go along with Glenn but don't know whose out there.
  14. Typhus

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    I agree about taking OL later, we have historically drafted well in the process with Allen(2), Flo( I believe 3?), EW(3), there will be good OL taken all over the place on the first day.
    Seems to be a nice draft for OL accross the board, deeper than past drafts.

    Although Brickashaw is considered by many the top offensive lineman in the country, he's just too light at 6-5 290 to spend a first pick on.

    Not saying the guy isnt a stud, or that he cant put on the weight for his frame, but we need immediate impact with our first pick.

    Seems awfull early to begin discussing our draft,,, jeeeees,,,,:shootme: :shootme:
  15. burmafrd

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    3-5 rd picks on the O line to groom for the next couple of years. that is the way I would go. Then FA for an OT and maybe a center.
  16. nathanlt

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    See, that's the thing. I think that getting OL help won't be beneficial right away from the draft. Hardly any new OL will be ready to play competitively their first year. FA would be best, but the cap concerns are a real problem with OL already.

    I would like to see Pettiti challenged by another OT.

    We all know kicker needs to be taken care of. Letting Hoffman go was a big mistake.

    A blazing speed wide reciever should be brought in, hopefully, he can learn to catch.

    LB is pretty thin, even with injuries being healed, it might be nice to get another OLB. Fujita did real well against the Rams, I thought.

    FS is the last piece of an impressive secondary. Blitzing would be a lot easier with a secondary that good.

    That's my wish list. I hope we don't lose too many to FA.

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