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NFL draft trade talk already starting

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,096 Messages
    8,073 Likes Received
    Although the NFL draft is still almost three months away and the NFL scouting combine isn’t for another month, several team executives said Monday and Tuesday that preliminary trade talk is already being bandied about at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala.

    In particular, there are several teams interested in moving back in the draft in hopes of obtaining extra picks in the second and third rounds. The reason is that because 102 underclassmen have entered the draft, this year’s draft is expected to be one of the deepest in many years.

    “You’re going to see a lot of players who would normally be second-round picks end up in the third round. Same goes for the mid- to late-first round picks ending up in the second round,” one team executive said.
    While this draft is expected to have a number of top-end stars available in the top 10, includ-ing defensive end Jadeveon Clowney of South Carolina and quarterbacks Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel, some teams may opt for depth in this draft.

  2. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

    4,995 Messages
    2,238 Likes Received
    Now I am scared...Jones could take this as an opportunity to "fool other owners" and move up to get "his guy" (whomever that might be)...be afraid, be very afraid.....he SHOULD have the thought process of being one of the trade-down teams, but will he?
  3. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,096 Messages
    8,073 Likes Received
    Put it to you this way. The Rams (Redskins) pick at 2 is up for sale and you know JFB as a Cowboy is a Jerry marketing dream. Cleveland is said to ready to pay whatever it takes to get him though and they have alot more to offer to move.
  4. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

    4,995 Messages
    2,238 Likes Received
    I assume you mean Manziel? (you said JFB)....and yeah, THAT is exactly what frightens me, a decision based on marketing alone and not a football decision...to move from 16/17 all the way to #2 would cost WAY too much...first rounders this year and next and probably 2nd rounders for a guy that sits behind Romo...ugh......

    (edit) duh, you meant johnny football...another reason I can't stand him...a nickname and he hasn't played a down in the nfl (not that the name is his fault)
  5. radioactivecowboy88

    radioactivecowboy88 Well-Known Member

    1,449 Messages
    983 Likes Received
    I hope his stock drops... I want him but I wouldnt break the bank
  6. lostar2009

    lostar2009 Well-Known Member

    2,453 Messages
    797 Likes Received
    Well i hope dallas draft a qb this year there will be a few prospects available in the 3rd and 4th rounds. We can still grab us 2 DL in the top rounds. Possibly pay for Jaryus Bryd ???

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