NFL Investigation Extends To Redskins (likely to deal with Williams, not team)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Smashin222, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Suspend the whole team!
  3. StylisticS

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    If Snyder or Gibbs knew about it and put a stop to it than yeah, nothing should happen. If not, they need to be punished.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    NFL Network said that Gibbs said he did not know about it. So we have now another liar in a long string of liars.
  5. SkinsFan82

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    Right, because as everyone knows Joe Gibbs is a shady character. :rolleyes:

    For what it's worth, by all accounts Gibbs honestly had no idea. He's an offensive coach and was really hands off with the defense. It was really obvious when after Sean Taylor died and the 'Skins defense took the field with 10 men and he had no clue it was even going to happen.

    Also, apparently as soon as Gregg Williams left and Blache took over, he immediately ended the bounty program.
  6. Risen Star

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    That doesn't say much about Gibbs as a head coach in his second stint. Did he go back just for the paycheck? How do you not know this is going on within your football team?
  7. SkinsHokieFan

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    Gibbs was notorious for letting the defense "do its thing" in both stints.

    I doubt he knew much of the game plan on defense in the 80s when Richie Pettitbone was d cord.

    Another item of note

    Report: Blache discontinued bounty system after Williams' exit

  8. cowboy_ron

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    I don't see anything happening with the was mainly the aints that they were investigating
  9. ROUSH8692

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    I wonder how Goodell is going to deal with S Taylor. Maybe fine his estate?
  10. Cowboys22

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    There is no way Gibbs didn't know about it. You don't think players were talking about, bragging about winning money all over the lockeroom? If he didn't know, then he was only there in name only and to collect a check. No way an involved head coach could be clueless to this going on for several years.
  11. Dallas

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    :lmao: @ the Skins fans here trying desperately to save some face on a Cowboys board.

    "but but Gibbs walks on water-he never lies-hes the golden child-gibbs didn't know nuthin. :mad: "

    I have SEEN IT ALL.
  12. SkinsFan82

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    No one is desperately trying to do anything. We're simply looking at the facts of the situation. People are going to believe what they like. If you hate the Redskins and it makes you happy to think Gibbs was in it, you're going to believe what you like.

    The simple facts so far is that of the eight current/former players that have spoken on/off the record to the media. All eight have independently confirmed that Gibbs knew nothing about the program. These are people that had no problem confirming specific incidents and giving in depth details, but again...all confirmed he didn't know.

    I realize if you remove names and simply look at the situation that it seems strange a head coach would be ignorant of the fact his d-coord is running a bounty program. The thing you need to realize is that Gibbs pretty much let his d-coord run independent of him through both stints in DC.

    Now, you can say he bares responsibility for not monitoring Gregg Williams more closely and finding this out himself, but the facts don't support you if you're trying to say he knew about it and allowed to continue.
  13. Dallas

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    Guess what? At the end of the day, the COACH IS RESPONSIBLE for his DC and all the decisions his DC makes.

    Spin it all you want but that's how things are handled. If Williams was doing this in DC then Gibbs is as much responsible for it as Williams is, as is the entire organization.
  14. kevinhickey

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    I have two questions as follows: When did the "Bounty Rule" come in to effect? and If the rule was in place when Williams was coaching the Redskins; could the loss of a first round selection be on the horizon?

    When I think back about the spy-gate, New England had been employing their filming system since Bellacheat arrived. So if New England was doing this for several years and it cost them a fine and a first rounder; then I would think the ground work for the punishment is in place. If the rule came in after Williams left Washington; then it is the end of story. The date of the rule is the important thing, as to who receives punishment.
  15. SkinsFan82

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    There is no spin to this at all. I think you're reading into things and seeing intentions that aren't there in some of these posts.

    Like any business you're responsible for the actions of your employees. So yes, Gibbs bares some responsibility in the fact someone that worked under him violated the rules. I acknowledge that he should have been more aware of what was going on in the defense than he was.

    There is a difference between being ignorant of wrongdoing that you should have been aware of and being aware and choosing not to intervene.
  16. mldardy

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    Right because you do know Gibbs isn't a shady character.:rolleyes: It has nothing to do with whether Gibbs is shady or not. He was head coach of the team, the overseer of the team. Don't sit here and tell me he didn't know anything about what was going on with his team's defense.
  17. Cowboys22

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    No, it's Snyder that is responsible for his employees actions. The fact is the skins were paying bounties and that is against NFL rules. When, why, where, and who don't really matter at this point. As an organization they broke the rules and punishment is in order. Snyder and the skins organization is responsible for the actions of all front office staff, all coaches, and all players when it comes anything related to playing football. The bounties are obviously within those boundaries and the league must take action. This behavior lasted for four years and no one did anything about it. It was more than just Williams. It was all the players who took part and obviously other coaches knew about it as well.
  18. SkinsFan82

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    At this point, it's simply not going to result in punishment. At least not more than maybe, at the most, a fine. I realize people may disagree but they aren't basing this idea on the facts of the matter.

    Until new evidence comes out it's simply going to come down to being a rogue coach who orchestrated a bounty program without the knowledge of anyone above him in the chain of command. They're simply investigating the situation as it pertains to Williams and the evidence will be used in the judgement against him.

    Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you have to believe this, you may think Dan Snyder himself was handing out cash post game, but the initial reports all say the same thing, Gregg Williams acted without the knowledge or consent of anyone above him, including Joe Gibbs.

    Adam Schefter has already said it's unlikely the Redskins will be punished for this, and even if they are it'll be minor at best. You don't have to agree with it, it's just how it is.
  19. cajuncocoa

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    How is this different from the Saints' situation?
  20. Cowboys22

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    Why does every skins fan decide to ignore the fact that it was not merely a rogue coach, but every single defensive player for four years as well? They were all participating as well. Then there is Blanche. For him to have stopped it, he had to first know it existed and did nothing. Those facts right there should be enough to garner some type of punishment. These were not the acts of a single coach. They were the acts of a teams entire defense and for that, the team needs to face the consequences.

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