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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by ringmaster, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Skip, really didn't say Steve Walsh, by name but he said that Aikman, wasn't starter material the first three years of his career and that's the impression I got from Skip, I just us Walsh, as bait really.
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    Whatever people.

    We're splitting hairs here. The fact is that we had one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game on our team and, like it or not, he led the Cowboys to 3 SB victories.

    And to put icing on the cake, he's getting enshrined in the HALL OF FAME this weekend.

    I'd take Troy as my QB any day of the week. Hands down.

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    History will tell but right now, I'd be surprised if we had more then 1 Guaranteed OL in the HOF. Maybe two when it's all said and done with but that's iffy. At one time, Houston had Bruce Matthews, Dean Steinkuhler, Mike Munchak and Doug Dawson. At least two of those guys are going to be HOF players. Lets also remember that he played with some pretty decent WRs. Haywood Jeffries, Webster Slaughter, Ernest Givens, Drew Hill, Tim Smith. Mike Rozier was a decent RB too. In Minnesota he had Chris Hinton, Todd Steussie, Jeff Chisty, Randall McDanial and Korey Stringer. He had Cris Carter, Amp Lee, Robert Smith, Jake Reed, Qadry Ismail, Terry Allen and Steve Jordan. In Seattke, he had Walter Jones, Kevin Mawae, Kevin Glover, Ricky Waters, Joey Galloway, Mike Pritchard, James McKnight and Chris Warren. I won't include KC only because he wasn't really the starter there. Still, those are some pretty talented players he played with.
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    Sorry, but I have to call BS on that.

    If you want to say Moon threw a prettier pass, then maybe.
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    All I'll tell you is this. Today I was going through all my VCR tapes of past Cowboys games. I watched part of the 1995 NFC Championship game, I watched tough games that Dallas won during the Barry Switzer era, and what I saw was a QB that I would take over Favre, over Marino and Warren Moon isn't even in the discussion. Anyone who would take Moon over Aikman is a fantasy football fan.

    In the 95 Championship game Favre threw the game away with a HUGE interception, right to Larry Brown, not under pressure, rolling right. THAT is the stuff that separated Aikman from Favre.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Favre's first year in GB was 92. That year, Sharpe posted 108 Rec's, 1461 yards for and average of 13.5 YPC and 13 TDs.

    In 93, he posted 112 Rec's, 1274 yards for 11.4 YPC and 11 TDs.

    In 94, he posted 94 REC's, 1119 yards for 11.9 YPC and 18 TDs,

    In 95, he was hurt and retired. I'd say he was far from on his down side cause Sharp never had a down year in his whole NFL career.
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    I'm not sure I would go that far.

    Moon and Favre played in offenses that utilized a lot shorter patterns and threw the ball a ton in the red zone. Thus, their QB ratings should be higher since they'll greatly increase their chances of completing passes and throwing for TD's.

    Aikman played in a system that used extremely long passing patterns and were very timing based. But, he was still uncannily accurate. Peter King made a point about Aikman's accuracy, but the fact is not only was Aikman accurate, he had a CANNON for an arm. A perfect example was the Skins game where we beat them in OT with a bomb to Ismail. It was small, flick of the wrists for Troy and he made that long throw look rather easy.

  8. jackrussell

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    Hmmmmm.......I do recall the day when you said Cunningham was a better QB than Aikman.

    Good to see you've wised up.
  9. SultanOfSix

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    Yeah, he must have been suffering from Redskinfanasininitis.
  10. the kid 05

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    Warren played with Randy Moss for a season or two, that right there inflated his stats. Warren is far less the qb the troy is. only thing Warren had that topped Troy was his mobility.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't agree here. I believe Warren was one of the very best pure passers I ever saw. Better then Aikman where this is concerned. He didn't have the laser type arm Aikman had but his was plenty strong when he was young. Moon really was a great player. I would take Aikman over Moon but Moon was an excellent QB IMO.
  12. ringmaster

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    No doubt, Moon, was a very good QB.
  13. Aikmaniac

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    When did Warren Moon have mobility? Troy, before his back problems, had decent mobility.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Troy could move around, Warren Moon had mobility. I never really considered Aikman a mobile QB, even when he was at OU. He could move but he never had the fluidity or really, IMO, the imagination to be able to use mobility as a true weapon. Aikman, IMO, was a perfectionist. He wasn't a guy who improvised well. To me, that is the real difference between Aikman and Favre. Aikman was disciplined in the extreme. Favre adlibed a great deal of the time.
  15. Screw The Hall

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    Warren Moon never played with Randy Moss. Moon's last year in Minnesota was 1996, Moss wasn't drafted until 1998 by the Vikes.

    His stats were never padded, in fact he was robbed of stats by not being drafted because of a racial bias. Had he been a 1st round pick like he should have been, and not been forced to play in Canada for the 1st 6 years of his career, his stats would have literally blown away everyone elses.

    That's not to say I think he was better than Aikman, I don't, but Warren deserves this honor as well.
  16. riggo

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    aikman deserves to be in, no question. he was money in his prime.

    eh- nevermind. different discussion....
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    Aikman played with lots of talent, but he also stepped it up in the playoffs. His QB rating is higher in the post season than in the regular season. Moon's post season rating also is higher than his regular season rating. Favre's and Young's post season ratings are lower than their regular season ratings. They still have good numbers, but they are below what they produced outside of crunch time.

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of those 4 QBs and it comes to personal preference as to which one you prefer. I just don't see how anyone can look down on Aikman. And I am not the biggest Aikman fan. And for Bayless to say that Walsh was better than Aikman is ridiculous. If Walsh was that good, he would have had at least moderate success in the NFL. He had no success. Walsh was not as good as Steve Beurlein. He is probably on par with Jason Garrett.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Aughhh Josee........

    See, there ya go again. You've just done a disservice to Jason Garrett.

    Just can not take you anywhere.
  19. bbgun

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    People forget that Troy played on bad teams at the beginning and end of his career. He wasn't always surrounded by incredible talent, and he never played in a pass-first offense.
  20. bbgun

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    No way. He's not that insane.

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