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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by ringmaster, Aug 4, 2006.

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    I remember that game because I was there in the old Fulton County Stadium.

    I wanted Emmitt to get 1,000 yards in his first season and, if the Cowboys had won, they would have gone to the playoffs.

    Babe Laufenberg was ABSOLUTELY horrible. No doubt in my mind had Aikman been playing, the Cowboys would have beaten the Falcons.
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    Just think, in the next couple of years, we get to rehash all of these arguements again when Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith finally get in to the hall.
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    See there, now you get it. Better with Troy, even in his worst days, and with bad talent around him (for the most part) than without him. 2 playoff appearances, and yes, if you don't win the Super Bowl you get a playoff loss.

    That means that if I wanted to play this game with Bret Favre for example I could say:

    2005 - 4-12, 29 ints no playoffs
    2004 - 10-6, 1st round playoff loss to Minnesota, 4 ints
    2003 - 10-6, 2nd round playoff loss to the Eagles, 1 int
    2002 - 12-4, lost FIRST PLAYOFF GAME against Atlanta (wow with a 12-4 team too), 2 ints.
    2001 - 12-4, lost FIRST PLAYOFF GAME against St. Louis, 6 HONKING INT'S

    See how much fun?

    Or we could play this game with Dan Marino:

    1999 - lost 2nd round, 2 ints
    1998 - lost 2nd round, 2 ints
    1997 - lost 1st round, 2 ints
    1996 - no playoffs
    1995 - lost 1st round, 3 ints

    All of this kind of game playing is to avoid the obvious which others have stated so well, winningest QB of ANY DECADE, 3 Super Bowl Titles - only 4 QB's have ever won so many, and 1st ballot HOF. Watch his induction today and enjoy.
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    Troy was one of the most accurate QBs ever, not sure how his stats were there but he threw plenty of balls away too. He set all kinds of records at the QB challenges.
    He was always EXTREMELY well prepared.
    He was a true field general.
    He was a perfectionist.
    He was flat out one of the greatest big-game QBs ever to play the game.
    I don't think you can really compare him with QBs that never won anything. I don't ever think its really fair or relevant to compare recent history QBs with ancient history QBs.
    I think at this point the only QBs that you can really compare Troy with are:
    Tom Brady, John Elway, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and maybe a few others. I just don't think you can compare him with guys that hardly ever won or played in big games or most guys that only won one SB.
    Who was the best QB? "F" me rings. A guy that wins championships is the best, esp over guys that don't. Its pretty simple.
    Dan Marino and Payton Manning may have every passing record in the books with gaudy numbers....but until they win something, anything...they don't compare to champions.
    Bayless is a complete embarrassment to himself and any shows he's on. I don't know how he has a job.
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    I'm not trying to belittle Troys accomplishments.
    Like I said before, he's one of my all time favorite Cowboys.

    But at the same time... I'm not gonna be a homer and automatically suggest that he was greater than every other QB on the planet JUST because I'm a Cowboys fan. Thats Redskins Fan "Esque".

    Facts are facts.

    I saw Troy play with a great team around him.
    I saw him play with a not so great team around him.

    He was a great QB and great leader thru both times...
    but he looked like a FAR greater QB when he had all the pieces.

    My point is... a QB like Marino went his entire career without a RB anywhere near the calibre of Emmitt Smith.
    I wondered aloud about Moon playing with that early 90s team.
    Can you imagine Marino on that team?

    I never saw Troy carry a team on his back to win games.
    Yes - he made you pay for stuffing 8 men in a box against Emmitt Smith.
    Thats what great players do. Compliment each other.

    You guys can get mad all you want and claim that I'm not a Cowboys fan because I'm not proclaiming Troy as the Greatest of All Time (which is a totally ridiculous opinion).

    Bottom line is... I never saw Troy make something out of nothing the way those other guys did.

    Troy still my boy tho. I wouldn't have taken any of the others over him.
  6. rcaldw

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    I didn't claim you aren't a Cowboys fan, I just say you are wrong. Marino or Moon wouldn't have done any better than Troy and I believe they probably would have done worse.
  7. Manster68

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    Yeah, I can imagine it.

    I can imagine Marino take the ball out of Emmitt's hands and disrupt the balance of this offense. So when the postseason comes around, the better defenses disrupts the passing game and Dallas would have come up short as he did in Miami.

    With Moon, well, he just would have choked like he did every year in the post season.

    Sorry, I'll take Troy Aikman.
  8. Mansta54

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    Is a complete IDIOT!!!!!!!!
  9. ZeroClub

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    At some level, QBs have to play the hand they are dealt.

    Had Aikman played in Shula's offense, Aikman would have put up huge numbers too.

    Had Marino played with the early 90's Cowboys, he'd have won more than one SB too.

    The unfortunate thing about Aikman's career is the second half. His talent was squandered during those years because of bad decisions made by Cowboys management. But, quite obviously, all in all, Aikman put together a great career.
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    As soon as Bayless was mentioned, I stopped reading and posted this

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    Good post....

    Aikman had great talent around him, but he was a great talent himself. I think the "talent around him" arguement is lame. Look at these "great" QBs and tell me why they don't have more certainly isn't because of a lack of talent around them.

    Peyton Manning: Great numbers, great player...he was supported by EJ, MH, and finally a good defense this year....Why hasn't he won it?

    Brett Favre: He had a super offense....Great defense...yet he won it one time.

    Steve Young: He was surrounded by just as much talent as Troy, yet could never beat him.
  12. ZeroClub

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    And then there are the QBs who might have been great, but had almost no talent around them. Archie Manning was certainly one of those.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    No arguments to be made. All 3 belong PERIOD.
  14. cowheel

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    Fair enough.

    I'll take Aikman too.

    But I still believe Moon & Marino were better QBs.
    So do most people that are not Cowboys homers.
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    "Your ridiculous little opinion has been noted."
  16. rcaldw

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    I disagree with you that most people would take Moon, and in terms of Marino, I'll let them have him. He didn't win big at any level, not in College at Pitt and not in the pros, he was just a big stat producer. Great QB, deserving HOFmer, great stat producer, but Aikman was a better winner.

    That isn't being a homer, that is being the fan of a guy that won 3 more championships than both the guys you value, COMBINED.

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