News: NFL Network: Austin out remainder of pre-season

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Canadian BoyzFan, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Team is hopeful he is ready for the opener.

    Miles Austin not expected back at practice this week By Brian McIntyre

    The Dallas Cowboys were without 19 players, including a lengthy list of starters, for Saturday's preseason game against the San Diego Chargers, but Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas reports that several starters are expected to return to practice this week.

    Wide receiver Miles Austin, however, still is battling a hamstring injury and owner Jerry Jones does not expect him to be among the group that includes defenders Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer returning to practice this week.

    "He's not one of the ones I'm thinking will be back," Jones said, according to the team's official website. "I wouldn't discount it, but he's not one of the ones that I have coming back."
  2. reddyuta

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    I am getting real tired of Miles and his hamstring problems,its almost every season he has had a problem with them.
  3. ScipioCowboy

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    So what's the asking price for Mike Wallace? :p:
  4. TheSport78

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  5. CATCH17

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    Lol how did this turn into a month injury? Wow
  6. SDCowboy85

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    Probably made the hamstring worse diving into his money vault.
  7. GloryDaysRBack

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    Bc when it's anything less w Austin it turns out to a full year injury.

    He will be ready come sept 5
  8. rat2k8

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    Had enough myself. Time to ship him out of here. What good is he if he only plays a few games a year.
  9. Mash

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    Just Wow.....

    Come on have to get over these nagging hamstring injuries ......
  10. Little Jr

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    Last year the excuse he was out of shape. Whats the excuse this year. Hasnt done much since he got his money. JS.
  11. DanManJ

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    Ya you know I have been a big supporter of Austin and want him to do so well for us but this is getting ridiculous. I am starting to wonder if this is something he is ever going to shake. I do not usually get frustrated with players but even I have to admit that this Miles Austin hamstring thing is really starting to get to me.

    P.S. Also you just know that this is gonna be a nagging year long injury. I guarantee that he plays 8 games this year if hes lucky.
  12. ufcrules1

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    lol... originally they said it was a hamstring "tweak" and was no big deal. Now he is out for the whole preseason? I like Miles but man he cannot be trusted. At least we will get to see a lot more of the rookies. Hopefully Beasley, and Harris will make the team. I like both of them a lot.
  13. KJJ

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    He'll play Sept 5th how ready he'll be remains to be seen.
  14. The Quest for Six

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    signing Austin to a long term deal was a big mistake and a waste of money......especially after how he said he wasn't ready for camp last year, that's not a leader for younger receivers!! the guy is paid to be a number one and can't stay healthy...
  15. skinsscalper

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    If I'm Jerry Jones, OC and Miles replacement is at the top of my to do list. This crap is getting old.
  16. SDCowboy85

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    Careful, I said I see us going for a receiver high in next years draft and was told I was crazy.
  17. TheCowboy

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    Really pathetic on Miles' part.
  18. DaBoyz73

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    It makes you wonder if it was ALL WORTH IT? The 10 million fine we received and pay Miles for what? Just saying.......
  19. skinsscalper

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    This would certainly be an instance where you and I are on the same page. I like Austin, I really do, but this is getting old. WAY OLD.
  20. weaver21

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    I thought this hamstring was injury was a "tweak"? How the hell is he now missing the entire pre-season? Either Miles has no idea how to stay football shape or the coaching staff is REALLY, REALLY taking a pre-caution on him.

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