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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by sago1, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Check out cause they airing NFL Network interview by Steve Sabol of QB Troy Aikman as part of Legends of the Game. Shows brief highlite of SB 27 win along with excerpt from his retirement speech. Man, do we miss this guy.
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    That's a good little piece.

    Honestly, still have a real hard time understanding how anybody who watched us play during those years can question his greatness. Only my opinion but to me, it was always obvious. I guess everybody sees things differently.
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    Well, everyone says that the NFL hall of fame hates the Cowboys, but they had no issue with accepting Aikman as a first ballot inductee. That speaks volumes about how great he really was. He isn't listed as a all-time great because his career was shortened by injury.

    Is it just me or has been painfully slow lately. I emailed them, but got no responce. hah Maybe their mail server is slow too!
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    On the nosey.

    I've always felt that if Aikman was in an offense that featured the QB, his numbers would have been awesome.

    I'll always recall the championship game vs the 49ers in Switzer's first year. Aikman put up huge numbers...took a beating all game....and continued to shine.

    For me, oddly because it was a loss, that will always be the Aikman game I remember the most.

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    That is interesting. I feel the same way. I believe that this was Aikmans finest moment on a football field. JMO but I do believe he was able to show more in that single loss then any of the wins. Structure of the offense IMO but again, opinions differ on this subject.
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    I agree completely. That will always be the game I will remember as well.
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    Its still a shame that there are lot of cowboys fans that think Aikman was JAG ( just another Guy), and that there could have quite a few QBs that could have done the same thing as Aikman with the same weapons.

    The fact is all of the triplets were equally important, as was the OL. But without a great QB, no matter how good a team is, you just cannot win multiple SBs. Thats just a simple fact.
  9. Juke99

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    It's simple ABQ, too many people think Fantasy Football and look at just the total yards and TD passes and then compare him to WCO QBs and say he was way behind. Utterly ridiculous. Those who understand the nuances of the game all proclaim him one of the all time greats, because he is.
  11. RCowboyFan

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    Add to that I know lot of people attribute downfall of cowboys to Aikman too. Because apparently he made the decisions for Jerry, especially in coaching hires and some drafting decisions.:rolleyes:
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    Troy always was one tough SOB. The thing that always gets me riled up, is when Aikman haters say that he was a wimp because he got injured so much, just makes me mad.

    How many total injuries do y'all think Troy suffered in his football career. I bet its over 30.
  13. Aikmaniac

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    One of the most memorable games I can remember is the 94 NFC Championship Game in SF that some of you mentioned.

    The funny thing is...Troy has always said that's the game he remembers most out of all of them (save the SB's).

    I remember thinking they would come back. The whole group played their hearts out. Emmitt would hook his hammy's up to the electronic pulse equipment after every drive until he pulled his other one. Troy took a huge beating for sure but he kept coming back.
  14. Alexander

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    What imbecile questioned his toughness? IMO, he was as tough as Staubach was. That was never the problem. He was more than tough enough, both mentally and physically.
  15. RCowboyFan

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    Unfortunately for me I was out of country when 94 NFC game was played, wish I had seen it live. Although I was glad at that time I didn't see it since we lost, but after seeing some of the highlights I wish I had seen it live.
  16. Jarv

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    Yeah, and Dieon did pass interfere with Irvin...And to top it off, Barry got a penalty for arguing. That game was stolen on that one play....1st and goal we would have had instead of 3rd and 20....Or whatever it turned out to be...
  17. 5Stars

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    #8 was an awesome player, and one tough SOB! He was very accurate, if not one of the most accurate passers ever...

    There is a story floating around, that one time in the halls of Valley Ranch, some player put, I think, a Coke can on his head and dared Aikman to knock it off his head with a football from a pretty long distance...Aikman just grabbed the football, and threw it stright at the player, and knocked the can off his head, and did not even touch his hair or head...

    Someone else might remember that story better then me...But, Aikman was great...!

  18. RCowboyFan

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    Actually it was reported few times. I believe Dale Helestrae used to that.
  19. RCowboyFan

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    Well, I learned all of that after the fact, needless to say...Although my dislike for Deion has nothing to do with that :D
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    I can't see the pics. A click gets me a "you are not authorized"

    Can anyone else see them?

    Maybe I need a new deodorant.

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