NFL Network: Jay Ratliff Interview

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    Mine too, especially after I found out about his obsession for the Manster.
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    Ratliff a stand up guy
    8:39 PM Wed, Nov 11, 2009 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
    David Moore/Reporter Bio | E-mail | News tips

    Wade Phillips told a story earlier in the week how Jay Ratliff took responsibility for a couple of busted defensive plays against Philadelphia even though Phillips was trying to let him off the hook.

    So, why was the nose tackle so adamant that the plays were his fault?

    "It was my fault,'' Ratliff said. "I mean, what was I supposed to do, go 'oh, well, you know the call'...

    "I'm not ever going to do that. If I do wrong, I'm going to stand up and say I did wrong. End of discussion.''

    Ratliff rejects the notion that actions like that make him a team leader.

    "It's nothing about that,'' Ratliff said. "Even if I wasn't playing this game and I had done something wrong, I mean, I would step up and tell you I did wrong.

    "I was the same way when I was as a kid. My dad would ask me did you do your sister wrong. I'm not going to lie to him. I was like, 'yeah, I did it. What are the consequences? Tell me what it is and let's get it going.'''

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    Jay Ratliff takes pride in what he does for this defense.
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    If You ask Me ratliff has been the best Defensive player on our team this year...EVEN more then Ware.
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    He's "boring". :D

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