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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Haley94, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Haley94

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    Shannon Sharp had a great film breakdown of Romo on the NFL Network. Anyone else see that? Got me psyched!!
  2. cowboys19

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    Is the show NFL total Access?

    because i think its coming on later tonight
  3. Haley94

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    Yes. Towards the end of the show.
  4. cowboys19

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  5. cowboysfan

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    Can you provide a brief recap of the highlights ? for those without NFL network.
    Thanks !
  6. Haley94

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    Basically was impressed with his reads, accuracy and pocket presence.

    Liked his decisiveness (he broke down the two point conversion).

    He said, Tony's quick release not only helps with getting out of trouble from the pass rush, but DBs can't get a read on where he is going with the ball.
  7. DallasDomination

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    Just watched it. He likes Romo and Thinks that if he continues to mature with the Team the sky's the limit.
  8. theebs

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    This is interesting because last week on the cowboys pre game show with babe laufenberg, randy white and gina miller, babe did the first and only breakdown of where bledsoe struggled.

    Here is a hint too, I was a huge bledsoe guy until I saw this and realized something is wrong with him, age, doubt or whatever he is just not right.

    Anyway, babe brokedown the plays that had misconceptions of bad offensive line play and showed how it was on bledsoe. The first one was the play where dallas was backed up on the 5 and owens ran a slant and the corner blitzed, bledsoe panicked and threw it where owens was supposed to go originally and owens went slant correctly on the blitz.

    Of the other plays that were extremely telling of bledsoes difficulties was the play where everyone around the country was blaming the offensive line, the strahan coming free after a couple seconds play, he had two wide receivers wide open and held the ball way too long missing simple reads because he didnt want to throw it into small areas. Everyone dogged the line, but in reality it was on bledsoe.

    I will see if I can find the video for that on cbs 11 website, but for anyone who watched it like myself and wanted and hoped bledsoe would succeed babes coaches film breakdown was all too telling.

    Babe loves romo however and thought he should have been the starter last year, so he has a stereotype but he is the only one in the entire country I have seen actually say its on bledsoe then prove it with coaches film breakdown, the rest of the talking heads around the country just use bs talking points.....

    Here is babe in another video
  9. sonnyboy

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  10. StevenOtero

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    I saw it, and that sure was not Shannon. It was Sterling..
  11. Kilyin

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    It's easy to tell them apart. Sterling got all the brains, and Shannon, not so much.
  12. Cochese

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    I was JUST going to post that.

    Sterling has a mind for the game, his insight and views are acceptable.

    Shannon is a loud mouth ______________ insert your choice of expletive there.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    He did a great job of eating crow.

    Romo doubters. I don't understand any of them.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  15. Haley94

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    Opps sorry, you're all right. They both have loud, big mouths.
  16. pancakeman

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    Thanks for the tip-off. Just watched it. Stay tuned right after, too, as they feature how Ferguson's NT play can be credited with Portis's troubles (avg ~100 vs. NFL, <50 vs. Cowboys).
  17. Big Dakota

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    Here's a hint; Shannon is on the left.

  18. followthestar

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    A lot of folks are saying Bill should have gone into the season with Romo, or at least after the Philly game. Now, of course, I agree. The good news is Bill did make the switch before this season got out of reach, and we still have a very good chance of making some noise this year. The bad news is that IF WE DON'T, it'll be due to Bill's stubborness...
    I wonder what other areas of possible improvement Bill is holding us back on, if any... Possibly the aggressiveness of our defense...?

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    One looks like a horse and one looks like a cat
  20. ghst187

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    cue hammer hitting nail on the head...

    My choice of would be narcissistic, self-worshipping a**hole

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