NFL Owners Meeting in ATL: Playoff expansion to be discussed...***Vote Postponed***

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 19, 2014.

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    It's destined
  2. DandyDon1722

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    Not necessarily. The NFL has actually lagged far behind the other American sports leagues in playoff expansion rate but I agree in that the playoffs shouldn't dilute the season.
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    That format would allow mediocre teams in the playoffs. Therefore, simply making the playoffs at 8-8 as the final wildcard and being one and done should not be seen as a success; generally speaking, unless you have low expectations.
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    People have been saying they should stifle their greed before it's too late for about 25 years now - and yet the league continues to see record popularity, record ratings, record news media attention, etc. Football is far and away the most popular sport in the country and that is in no danger of changing anytime soon.

    The only thing that will stop these sorts of initiatives are people tuning out but the league knows full well that the people complaining the loudest about such things are the people who will all be tuning in to the very things they complain about.
  5. Rogah

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    Ah, but herein lies the rub. Fans see it as "punishing" the #2 seed but I assure you the owners do not. On the contrary, this new format will be seen as rewarding the #2 seed.

    And how, you may wonder, does the new format reward the #2 seed? Because under the new format, the #2 seed will be guaranteed 2 home playoff games (assuming, of course, they win their first round game). And from ownership's perspective, that's pretty significant and one of the main reason this whole thing is being pushed forward. An extra home playoff game is worth millions of dollars.

    Also it is inevitable that, under the new format, eventually some team will have something never seen before: 3 home playoff games.

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