NFL players don’t vote Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo among league’s top 100 players

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dooomsday, Jun 21, 2013.

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    It wasn't all 3 of them either. Defense ( Hatcher ) doesn't get called for a bonehead Roughing the Passer penalty, ( still over 2mins left in game ) the Skins kick a FG & go up 6, with time still left in the game for Romo to go down field & take the lead. Did his INTs put them in a bad spot? Sure. Cost them the game? No.
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    This isn't medical school, this is football.

    No one respects Tony but Cowboy fans. All this yapping we do, means nothing. When you are great, the whole world knows it. And trying to convince all us fans who don't believe in the guy, is just funny.

    I wonder, since it's a team sport, how did they managed to say who were the top 100 players? Maybe because although it's a team sport, you're judged individually on what you DO. And obviously, they're not overly interested in stats, they're interested in people who can get things done.
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    but you are fine with Newton?
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    Uh, no he does not. RGIII was clutch in the playoffs, though. Clutching his knee after blowing a 14 point lead.
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    Wow, look at all the people who fell for this. Unless I missed something, this was a poll done by NFL players who work for the NFL Network. So a handfull of former players who are paid to create hype. And most responses don't mention that but just comment on the headline "NFL players don't vote for Romo in top 100". This is a good example of people believing anything and everything they hear from national media types. Wake up people and WATCH THE FRIGGING GAMES! Form your own opinions from what you see and not from what your told by media types with an agenda.
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    Beautiful baby girl, Vinnie.

    As far as the Romo debate, what's the use? The team hasn't been good enough. Romo has been the best thing we have going for us, warts and all, which says a lot about the Cowboys of late. Hopefully, this year the team will stay healthy. That would go along way toward the success we all desire.
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    Thanks! Thing is Romo supporters don't see his warts. I own one current Cowboy jersey #9.. However I see his short comings and so does the rest of the league.. So its useless arguing about him.. Ain't nobody changing their mind..
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    No, but they have the same number of elimination game wins. Doubt RG3 will be more productive a "passer" than Romo but if he can stay healthy the duel threat he brings as a runner and a passer may make him more productive overall than Romo.
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    They had no issue putting Ware up there. Stop thinking everything is a conspiracy against us. Romo did this to himself with that final game.
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    A lot of FANS get worked up over these polls I'm not one of them. The word "great' gets overused more than any word in sports. The Ravens didn't have a "great" team last season they were 10-6 only 2 more wins than the Cowboys. Their defense wasn't near as good as the defenses they've had in the past. They went 1-4 in Dec before righting the ship. The Cowboys had one of the worst rushing attacks in the league and ran all over the Ravens in week 6.

    Even Felix and Lance Dunbar found some running lanes against them. The key to the Ravens season was Flacco stepping up his game in the playoffs. He had to play virtually flawless for the Ravens to win it all. The 07 and 2011 Giants weren't great teams but Eli stepped up his game entering the playoffs both seasons. Naturally a QB can't carry their team an entire season but they have to be able to carry them at certain points in some games. At times Flacco had to carry the Ravens he was forced to make some plays in some very critical situations.

    In the past he was a bus driver so once the game got put on his shoulders he would crumble. The Cowboys are never going to have a "great" team around Romo so he's going to have to step up his game in do or die situations and stop coughing the ball up. If he could somehow stop giving up the football and the defense would make some key 3rd down stops the Cowboys would have a chance to go further than some think.
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    The NFL Network hands out ballots to active players around Thanksgiving. Each player ranks their top 20 players by assigning 20 points to their No. 1. Then 19 points to their No. 2 player, all the way to No. 20, assigning one point. They're tallied and presented following the NFL Draft on the NFL Network.
    There are some questioning the ranking system, considering that only 28.3 percent of the players voted.
    "I’ve always wondered about that," Leon Hall told Hoard. "I’ve never voted and I don’t know when that voting happens.".

    The total players who voted: 481 of 1696. There seems to be a long list of players who have never had the opportunity to vote on their peers. Several Cowboys,Falcons,Bengals,Vikings,Lions players have mentioned it before. I'm sure there are others but those are teams I've heard mention it.
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    Many of the most respected football minds (and nearly all ex-great QBs on record) know that Romo's a terrific QB.

    Bill Parcells
    Jimmy Johnson
    Troy Aikman
    Roger Staubach
    Kurt Warner
    Brett Favre
    Trent Dilfer

    Now show me your list of respected minds on record who think Romo sucks.

    Let me get you started with a couple morons: Deion, Keyshawn... :laugh2:
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    Several of the QBs you listed were known for their clutch ability. They may have blown one or two big gamesbin their career, but nothing to the extent Romo has blown them. I have come to expect bad play from Romo in games like the Last Redskins game. I have been around long enough to know that it was not exoected from Roger, Troy and many others. Defending Romo with arguments such as this only make the Romo backers look like love struck teenagers with a crush. I know that Captain Comeback should never be mentioned in the same post as Romo. I am not a Romo basher, but he is not in the same class as many of the QBs you mentioned. Well, maybe Morton. You are listing HOF QBs and saying that they chocked to the extent that Romo is known for. The label will follow Romo even if he wins a few big games. It will take a Super Bowl or two for his reputation to change. I don't see it happening. The last game Romo played in was a classic blow-up.
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    Just goes to show how much of a joke this list really is, which most of us already know. Though, I do feel sorry for the people who actually take this list with more than a grain of salt.

    Pitta/other TEs over Graham?
    Cam @ 46?
    MJD(injured) @ 98?
    Larry @ 22?
    D.Ware(injured/down year) @ 12?
    Romo not even on list?

    And that's just scratching the surface with this joke of a list, there's many more of the rankings that are just laughable. This list is just a popularity contest among the 25% of players that voted for their top NFL 20 players, not even top 100.
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    There seems to be many that don't think highly of Romo. That is what their vote implied. No top 100 for Tony.
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    Those are opinions. Unfortunately for you, and for them, those opinions have not amounted to CHAMPIONSHIPS! So here's my question for you, and by the way, those morons, especially Deion, the greatest to ever play corner. You don't get that way on talent alone, but I know calling them that made you feel warm and medley inside.

    But here's my question to you, show me Romo's championships. I'll get you started. 0 Show me Romo's NFC championship games, I'll get you started. 0Show me Romo's playoff wins, I'll get you started. 1 And where is Romo on the top 100 best players in the NFL list, I'll help you out NO WHERE:laugh2:
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    Thank you Mr. ESPN. You continually show your lack of football knowledge. Just because Romo has no rings doesn't mean he couldn't be a championship QB with better players around him. Jeez, is it that hard to understand?
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    I guess that goes for any quarterback then, right? I mean, Quincy Carter could have been a championship QB if he just had a fair shot, or if his teams were better, based on your knowledgeable football mind.
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    Quincy Carter was better than Trent Dilfer.
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    Oh wow, what a great analogy. Carter didn't show anywhere near the talent that Romo shows. If you would evaluate Romo based on his abilities instead of what some national media hype head, you'd understand that.

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