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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LocimusPrime, Mar 19, 2017.

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    So you are saying the plan was to gut the defense and let the left over scrubs take over? Yeah, great plan. :rolleyes:
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    I'm not quite sure how they could even do power rankings right now when games aren't even being played.
  3. gimmesix

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    Although I'm not big on power rankings, I would think the fact that our offense is returning virtually intact would make us a top-10 team, since the offense was most responsible for our success.

    Right now, there is no indication the defense will allow us to end up much higher than that, which is the same as its been most years under Garrett.
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  4. mrtxstar

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    So they aren't good enough to play for the Cowboys and the Cowboys can't afford to pay them. How convenient that worked out for everyone involved.... :muttley: You should be embarrassed to be peddling that garbage. The proof of your ridiculousness will be in how each of these individuals perform next season. So what, they have $12m in cap space. What good does it do when they don't invest it effective free agent contributors?
  5. FuzzyLumpkins

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    You want to pay Church or Carr $6m? You wanted to pay McClain $5m? You wanted to pay Wilcox $3m? You consider them "effective free agent contributors?"

    You were claiming that the team could not afford to pay them. You cannot figure out how them having cap space plays into that?

    You can talk about how I should be embarrassed but again I recommend introspection.
  6. mrtxstar

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    You are so in love with listening to yourself bloviate that you seems to have no time to listen to others. Did I advocate paying any of those bloated salaries? Nope, I agree with letting them walk if that means not paying those salaries but we have to invest in FA to upgrade those positions. Drafted players are cheap so don't tell me that is where the money saved is being spent. When is the FO going to reward it's fans with quality FA acquisitions?
  7. ActualCowboysFan

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  8. pugilist

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    power rankings in March?

    good lord this is going to be a long offseason
  9. Fletch

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    Addition by subtraction regarding the D.
  10. FuzzyLumpkins

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    If anyone is writing a bunch of nothing, bloviating, it is you. You assert a lot and support naught claiming that you could if you wanted to. That is bloviating.

    I asked a question. I never asserted you wrote that. Try and keep up.

    You did say that they could not afford to sign them and claimed that was why they were not resigned. You've just abandoned that instead of admitting you were wrong and are now moving to crying about not getting "quality" FA.

    PFF graded our moves at B or better and the Cowboys have not spent big money on large dollar UFA since Carr in 2013. We have gotten these modest 2 and 3 year deals and been better for it. The Cowboys reward us by putting together a competitive team and if you think that is done through big money FAs then you are ignorant.
  11. mrtxstar

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    blah blah blah. Bloviation
  12. LocimusPrime

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    People are grouchy on Monday. Yeah Mondays are pretty bad.

  13. HoosierCowboy

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    I agree--who did we lose? I liked them all because they were Cowboys, but hey are all mediocre with no upside.
  14. Gameover

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    When did 7 become a bad ranking? Though we're better than the Giants.
  15. cowboyblue22

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    they have beaten the giants once in the last two years and it took a last minute comeback from tony for them to do that
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    We lost 4 DBs. Let me remind you many on here lamented Wilcox, Church, Carr and Mo as being worthless. Maybe you weren't but many wrung their hands over one or all many many times. Wanting them gone.

    This gives us an opportunity to add new blood and not keep paying for guys who were ok but not playmakers by any stretch.

    Personally I hate losing them all but when I think about it, we aren't so bad off. Heath isn't far behind Church or Wilcox if any. Mo couldn't stay on the field enough and Carr had trouble playing quick WRs. He had to muscle guys to play them well. I'd still like to have him on a friendly contract because he's a good matchup with some players.

    I'd like to have McClain but he couldn't stay healthy either.

    We'll be ok IF we have some depth.
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  17. jobberone

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    Yeah, we have a problem with them for some reason. We hates Lucky Eli.
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    I hope you are right. I just don't see us recovering from that many guys walking away.
  19. jobberone

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    I think we'll likely be improved looking at the top 11 on D although again IDK about depth. I worry more about acquiring or having an edge rusher as I think depth is ok along the DL. LB is a little troublesome but I think it is likely ok. But at DB you need at least 7 who can start without a huge drop off in coverage. Teams run enough SPs that you have to have 7 DBs who can start generally three safeties and 4-5 CBs. You used to have two and hope you had two more who can step in due to injury. It's a different world now primarily due to the changes in coverage rules as well as the competence of the QBs and receivers AND the sophisticated passing offenses now.

    I used to think that Johnny U was the greatest QB of all time. And he was until the passing game and rules changed. Now any elite QB can read and defeat defenses. That's what makes them elite. Until then Unitas' only possible competitor was Otto Graham and I never saw Graham play.
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    Just sign Revis and await the draft...

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