NFL Prospect Focus: Chris Smith and Brandon Thomas

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 29, 2014.

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    Chris Smith – Defensive End/Outside Linebacker – Arkansas

    Size – 6011 – 266 – 4.71

    Strong Points – Athletic, initial quickness, explosive, use hands, pass rush, tackle, very long arms

    Weak Points – Height to play defensive end, no experience in pass coverage, defense against the run, shedding run blocks

    2013 Stats - 36 total tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, 21.5 career sacks

    Summation – Chris is a fourth-year senior and a two-year starter for the Razorbacks. He lines up at defensive end and plays from both a two-point and three-point stance. In the tape viewed, when he was playing on his feet, he never dropped into coverage.

    He is best as a pass rusher. He has very good snap reaction/anticipation, and often, is out of the blocks before his opponent has a chance to set. He stays low and can use his hands to “jolt” his opponent
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    They criticize Smith for run defense, but I think he was much better run defender than Dee Ford.

    Thomas should be a Guard and has a high upside at that position, IMO. He is very strong with good athleticism for a Guard. He reminds me of Leary without the knee issue.
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    Not sure how I feel about Smith. I'm not entirely impressed, but I haven't watched a lot on him

    Thomas, OTOH, I love.
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    I m on record as a big Chris Smith fan, I like Thomas and see him more as a guard, but is one of those guys with flex capabilities to move to T if needed (a poor-man's Zack Martin)
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    Give me Chris smith and thomas in rd 3 over Martin or Ford in rd 1
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    I could see Thomas as one of those 1st round shockers somewhere in the back 12, like Pugh and Long last year. One of my favorites this year, but I think it's pretty unlikely we draft him. Too much DL need. Doubt he'd last until #78.

    Maybe if we pick up an extra late 2nd or early-to-mid 3rd.
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    Love both guys. Would be great if we found a way to get both.

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