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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by kristie, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. kristie

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    if there's a thread on this already, i apologize.

    i do want to say that I LOVE NFL REDZONE!!!!:D
  2. MonsterD

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    When I got free promo time I loved it, was best thing I saw in sports casting. Too bad I don't want to pay for it though. I am ok watching highlights after the fact. For a serious FF participant it is a must buy though.
  3. ajk23az

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    It is pretty nice, in our household, we have the 50" stuck on the redzone channel, the 42" hooked up via HDMI from computer streaming from directv (works great), and then the 40" stuck on the local channel. It's pretty nice.
  4. Roadtrip635

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    I love NFL Redzone. Bud Light needs to do one of their "Real Men of Genius" commercials for it.

    "Here's to you NFL Redzone guy. You believed that man should never again miss any touchdown, field goal or safety, that having to wait 10 minutes to watch a highlight during the commercial break was like some cruel medieval torture. Because in the age of instant gratification, man wants his football and he wants it now!"
  5. kristie

    kristie Well-Known Member

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    i love that! they should definately do it. :D

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