NFL Rumors: Is Jon Gruden heading to the Dallas Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Aven8

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    Lets face it. Gruden has never had a QB as good as Romo. I would like to see the two work together. He's done well with Gannon (Romo Clone), and Brad Johnson, but with Romo? Pretty please?
  2. dragon_mikal

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    What is the deal with people and selective memory? Mike Holmgren was pretty damn good in Seattle, too.
  3. Prossman

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    Gruden would help the cowboys is several ways. First he would stay on Tony. In a way Parcells said needed to be done. I do believe Tony would thrive with Chucky in his case. Chucky would demand that tony stays sharp at all times, tony would and would excell. Gruden is also a hard nose coach that would demand accountabilty. His hardnosed attutiude would help drop the constant penalties down and force more discipline on this team. Chucky also would take on Jerry Jones, much in the same way Jimmy Johnson did. He is stubborn and would challenge jerry and believe me Jerry needs this. He has a fanatical work ethic and lives the Job. He has his flaws but we could do far worse than chucky, and i honestly believe he would be the best thing that ever happened to Tony Romo. If he can get Tony over the Hump in crunch time the sky is the limit for the cowboys.
  4. pjtoadie

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    This ^

    I'd be all for Gruden....I think he'd change the culture of the team!
  5. weaver21

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    He's also a coach that led the Raiders to two straight playoff appearances and if it wasn't for the "Tuck Rule", he would've been in the Super Bowl. Add to the fact it was his team that made the Super Bowl the next year when he was with Tampa. Having Brad Johnson, Jeff Garcia and Brad Gradkowski as quarterbacks is terrible ... hell Romo is better than all three of them combined.
  6. Bigdog24

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    WAS..........He's done nothing to impress anyone after Seattle's loss in the Superbowl.
  7. dragon_mikal

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    Because he didn't turn the Browns into a contender? Bill Belichick had the same problem.

    Funny how he turned into a genius when Tom Brady was discovered.

    I think Mike Holmgren would be successful with Tony Romo.
  8. Fastphilly

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    Holmgren's Seattle teams played when the NFC West was at it's worse in recent memory. Not too difficult to win division titles when the rest of the teams were playing scrub ball. Seattle did go to the Super Bowl in 2005 but they had a favorable match up in the playoffs. The NFC title game was against a one trick pony Jake Delhomme/Steve Smith Panther team that for some reason was able to destroy the Bears the week prior with Steve Smith bombs but didn't work in Seattle. For that matter nothing works against Seattle in Seattle..LOL!! That Holmgen Seahawks team went into hibrination after that season.
  9. Fastphilly

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    Well that is a big if. That "Tuck Rule Game" or "The New England Snow Job" game as Raider fans like to call it was the divisional round of the playoffs. They would have still had one more round to go and being on the road the odds are not in their favor.
  10. FLcowboy

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    I agree. Gruden's offense is rumored to be extremely large and complicated. Dez Bryant would not prosper in that environment.

    Romo's problem is he has no one to help him accomplish the team's goal. Bryant was a head case until the last half of the season, and then only came productive when the offense was tailored to him. Romo had an absent Austin for most of the season, Ogletree running around like a free range chicken, suspect running backs for half the season, an offensive line that was mostly offensive, and a defense that couldn't get off the field. I don't blame Tony for this mess of a season at all.
  11. Hostile

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    Nice shot.

  12. Holdenteller67

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    What have I been watching since 1996? He may not like it but he has no solution to fix it. Inept is a word that comes to mind, Delusional is another.
  13. CowboyRoy

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    :laugh1: :laugh2: :laugh1:
  14. CowboyRoy

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    Gruden is the west coast offense. End of story. Romo would thrive in that offense no problem. And he is all about tough minded football teams with a stout defense and a tough run game.

    Basically everything that Garrett is not.
  15. MegaMagick

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    I'd say yes to gruden, he's a type of guy that can take a talented team and win with it.

    I'd take him as HC over the next 3 years with this core over Garrett, hopefully Gruden has learned a lot from his time in the booth.
  16. jnday

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    Thanks? I think. Did I miss something?
  17. Beast_from_East

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    That is why I dont get this "consultant" talk. Clearly Jerry thinks that we are not maximizing Romo's talent and potential, so we need to have a brand new scheme to do this.

    How the hell do you install a brand new offesive scheme when the guy that designed the old scheme is still the head coach?

    I have to agree with the other posters that say either fire Garrett or let him be for another season. This idea of hiring a consultant to help Garrett design a new offense is beyond absurd.
  18. Beast_from_East

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    Yea, I am fully expecting Opie and his Madden play chart to be standing on the sidelines next season looking as lost as he did this season.

    Maybe after yet another season of .500 ball, Jerry will finally decide to hire a coach with some skins on the wall.
  19. CATCH17

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    Gruden doesn't play to demolish teams though.

    I think what New England is doing is the future of this league and I wish the Cowboys would jump on board.

    We looked like a completely different offense this year in the hurry up.
  20. Silverstar

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    Pleeeeze...I've been wanting this to happen for years now!

    Garrett (21-19) is just a stopgap until a real HC with postseason success comes along....just like Campo was IMO.

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