NFL Rumors: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Wants To Get Rid Of Kickoffs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Gryphon, Dec 6, 2012.

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    by Ben Grimaldi

    One of the things NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to do is make the game safer for everyone. Concussions in particular have become one of the biggest issues regarding player safety and for good reason.

    That’s why news of Goodell’s idea for removing kickoffs from the game is not surprising to anyone who’s paid attention because he’s spoken on the subject many times before. However, this new idea maybe a little too far out there.

    Sean Gregory, who was writing an article on Goodell for Time magazine, passed along the commissioner’s plan to eliminate kickoffs. Per Gregory, one of the options being considered for replacing kickoffs entails giving the ball to the team that would have been kicking off at its own 30, automatically facing a fourth down and 15 yards to go. Team’s would have to make the decision to punt or go for it.

    So essentially punts would replace kickoffs and instead of onsides kicks, teams would be forced to go for it in order to keep the ball late in games.

    The purpose of eliminating kickoffs is to stop the violent collisions at high speeds, and in doing so, reducing the amount of concussions.

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    Goodell is a moron. Hopefully, this will never pass. It makes no sense.
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    sources are saying get rid of Goodell and these stupid rules.
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    ok so my question is this. How many concussions and other injuries are actually occurring on kickoffs anymore. I don't see very many of them
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    It's not about actual impact, it's about playing the role so they can point to all the steps they have taken when the day comes in court that they and other are sitting around discussing how much money they need to pay.

    The NFL was all jacked over their reduction in concussions from the kickoff move by saying it cut back on "X" percentage of concussions on kickoffs but I never did see a total number avoided.

    If it cuts the concussions on kickoffs from 8 to 4, cool..........doesn't really do anything if there are 200+ per season.

    As for this article, this is the 3rd time it's been posted and the main source of the idea was Schiano.
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    I hope this rule is added and someone like Belichick decides to never let Jacksonville play offense for an entire game.
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    Maybe a second league could be started GFL Gay..........
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    For AZ that would be a blessing for their team and fans :lmao:

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