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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 20, 2014.

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    its all so murky. Some of the expenses come off the top of the revenue before its split; I am pretty sure Pensions and Medical expenses are some of that. The new CBA got really complicated with all of that. Most now agree that the NFLPA got worked in the negotiations but if the pensions and medical expenses are good then maybe its not as bad as some have said.
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    Bottomline, if the Cowboys want a particular dude, they can go get him regardless. It really does not matter. Just keep pushing contracts back. Everybody does it for the most part.
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    The reports I read after the CBS Thursday night deal was announced indicated it would increase the 2015 salary cap by an extra $4M on top of however much the cap goes up next year.

    If we project a modest 2015 cap increase, say $3M, the unadjusted cap limit should be around $137M next year.

    And I expect the '15 cap will increase by $5M to $7M before adding the extra TV money, so the unadjusted cap should be $139M to $141M.

    And Dallas will carry over any unused cap space from 2014 into 2015, so the Cowboys adjusted team cap should definitely exceed $140M next year.

    We also know Tony Romo's contract is designed to be restructured this year (create $10.036M) and next year (create $12.824M).

    Whatever happens with Demarcus Ware, he isn't going to count over $16M against the cap this year or over $17M next year.

    Miles Austin's 2015 cap hit will decrease by $4.5312M as a June cut this year or regular release next year.

    Doug Free and Kyle Orton's contracts void following the 2014 season, which will reduce their 2015 cap numbers by $9.4125M.

    There shouldn't be any trouble creating room to extend Dez Bryant, which will probably take place sometime this year, and Tyron Smith, which will probably take place during the 2015 off-season.
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    What in the world does that have do with having $7 less million to have to clear than before?

    Having $15 million to clear is ~better~ than having $22 million to clear; and that's all I was saying.

    Reading comprehension IS my friend, yes...
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    It's finally catching up with the revenues that keep skyrocketing. The Owners really stuck it to the Players the first couple years, but they can't artificially keep it down anymore.
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    Source: Cap will be $133 million per team

    Posted by Mike Florio on February 27, 2014, 7:08 PM EST

    For 2014, each team will have $10 million more to spend than it had a year ago.

    Per a league source, the salary cap will be $133 million in 2014. That’s a significant jump from the spending limit of $123 million last year, especially in light of recent increases of only a million or two per year.
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    Good news
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    It only helps us!! It's going to be an interesting offseason
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    Keep pushing contracts back has kept this team strapped for years. I guess there is no need to correct the problem now.
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    A flat salary cap and a couple devastating injuries are more to blame than accounting methods. The cap was 128m in 2009 and was still just 123m last year. That is not the normal progression and the 10m cap penalty didn't help matters.
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    lol i guessed 133 on my offseason mock. Was right.
    Dallas' adjusted Salary cap after rolling over money from 2013 is 134,280,693
    Dallas is 17,914,943 over the cap.

    Restructuring Romo takes that down to 7,878,943 over the cap

    Ware taking a paycut to 8mil total meaning a base salary of 4,746,250 and SB of 3,253,750
    Dallas could be 124,807 under the cap

    Restructuring Witten 4,169,807 mil under the cap
    Restructuring Lee 8,939,807 mil under the cap
    Restructuring Scandrick 12,709,807 mil under the cap

    Fairly easy for this team to get under the cap.

    Thats still not all they can do.
    They can still restructure Carr if they needed money to go after a big FA or more money to sign Tyron or Dez
    Restructuring Carr would put the Cowboys 19,479,807 mil under the cap

    Then there is still Austin who will give Dallas an extra 5.5 mil if they cut him june1. But with this rise in the cap being alot more then what they were expecting, i could even see the Cowboys cutting him right off the bat and taking that 393k off the cap and be free of any dead money in 2015.
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    Very good news for the Cowboys.
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    Also heard that in 2015 the cap should raise even higher per

    So pushing back the restructured money won't even be as poisonous as it normally would be.
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    and couple that with us having that penalty to our salary cap the past 2 years, humungous indeed.
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    It's terrific news!

    For cap-strapped teams like Dallas & Pittsburgh it's a gift.

    Teams like Buffalo... Feh... They weren't going to spend to the cap limit anyway.
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    I heard this on the NFL Radio yesterday, and they went on to mention something I wasn't aware of. Many teams that have huge chunks of salary cap room don't have the cash on hand for signing bonuses, to go after free agents. They said that in order for a team to sign a free agent, and give them signing bonus, they have to have the cash on hand at he time of the signing. Teams like the Raiders, in the Al Davis days, never had the cash so Al would guarantee the salaries. They said that is why some teams always have extra cap room, because they don' have the cash on hand for signing bonuses.
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    getting rid of Austin alone helps. I think at the end we will restructure ware....its tough to find a pass rushing DE. a lot of the stuff is public postering. I think hatcher is 50/50 because some team like Atlanta would jump and sign him early.

    room, witten contract will be redone.

    spencer might stay with a one year incentive laden contract. he is going to find it tough for anyone giving him anything of significance. we probably will sign a couple of middle layer DTs. perhaps melton, or the Bryant from seattle.
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    Now if you mean restructure where Ware gets his annual salary reduced both this season and next, then I think it's only one of two option the Cowboys' brain trust is considering (the other option being released).

    But if you mean the Cowboys convert some of Ware's salary from '14 & '15 into a bonus that is amortized over the rest of the length of the contract... Ah... No. I don't see that happening. The conversations that are being shared with us do not seem to going in this direction.

    Yes, pass rushing DE's are hard to find, but the way I look at it this team had arguably one of the worst defenses ever in the history of the NFL with Ware... And they can have the same thing without him.

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