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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 20, 2014.

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    But a lot of them are leveraged to the hilt from the purchase and other bad investments. The Glazers of TB have sunk 100m's into their futbol team, the Cleveland situation is a mess. The Davis family doesn't have the cash on hand that the team is worth on paper. Some owner like the Bidwells and the Browns in Cincy are just historically cheap. Like others have said, a lot of teams have to wait on gate receipts and TV revenue disbursements to get their cash. They use guaranteed years over big signing bonuses. It's not a huge factor, but it does make it easier for Dallas to operate in Free Agency and restructuring.
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    I don't know if "Between a rock and a hard place" is apt, but I agree the situation on the defensive side of the ball was dire in '13.

    But that being said the defense hasn't been good the last four seasons– the pass defense has been particularly rancid.

    Was it a mistake switching to the 4-3? Ask me after the 2015 season.

    Again, the "3-4" hadn't been lighting it up either for the previous 3 seasons.

    I'm sure that if Ware had put up "Ware numbers" this past season then a re-structure and not a salary reduction would have been in order. But given the diminishing snaps and stats... To simply restructure the guy, offering him the same compensation as when he was a double-digit sack, 1,000 snaps a year guy just doesn't work.

    I gotta say I'm not a "window" guy. I don't believe in loading up in order to achieve a goal in a small amount of time.

    I believe in long-term success. I was a fan during the 20-straight winning seasons the Cowboys had. And that's what I desire.

    If it's not Ware & Romo, then it can be the next group.

    But to have long-term success you can't do the ridiculous short-term nonsense that Jerry does. Not with the salary cap. You can't make ridiculous trades and you can't sign guys to ridiculous contracts... and if you do then you better have the sack in order to ask them to give-back if their performance doesn't match their level of compensation.

    To have a long-term winner you need one smart decision after another.

    And simply restructuring Demarcus Ware's doesn't fall under the heading of "smart decision" in my book.
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    And a lot of these billionaires are highly leveraged.

    Plus while everyone likes to win, some are more committed to it than others meaning that "winning + profit" is more important to them than simply winning.
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    So now we are pretending it takes 3 seasons for an NFL team to play quality defense?
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    But let's give it at least a couple seasons... and preferably one where you don't have 19 defensive lineman.
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    Doesn't sound unreasonable at all to me. We have not had anything close to normal for so long it wouldn't have mattered what defense we tried to run.
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    It certainly would have helped to spend more than a 6th round pick on the front 7 when changing schemes.
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    But a 19-man defensive line is kind of intriguing.
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    It would also help not losing one defensive lineman to injury after another... And of course not having one defensive lineman "quit".
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    with all the questions surrounding Spencer and Ratlif, and the worry about DeWare's injury to NOT SPEND ONE SINGLE DRAFT PICK on the D line was criminal negligence.
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    its much harder to fix a defense if you are changing course. yes, 3-4 wasn't lighting it up, but fix the 3-4 issues (draft and better FA signings), changing course is stepping back. I go back to what I mentioned before, if you think you are a contender, then you don't change course. that's stepping backwards despite 3-4 success or not.

    with the salary cap, we all are window guys. specially because the league has changed so much since the time Landry was coaching 20 winning seasons. its a QB league. there hasn't been a superbowl winner outside of Ravens (with that ridiculous all time best defense), that hasn't had a QB, that's not worthy of HOF discussion. and salary cap ensures there are no dynasties. outside of what billicheck has done and he has had the fortune of having one of the top 5 best all time QBs on his team and we are talking about billicheck, probably one of the top 5 best coaches ever, so its a rare combination.

    so in today's NFL there is a window. your teams' success is going to drive up demand on your players and you have to pick and choose who you keep and that's going to drain your resources.

    and I agree, Jerry needs to stay the course. constant changing of coaches, scheme, etc. is not formula for success. in Today's NFL, you find the right coach, GM and organizational personnel and you ride the up and down, much like steelers.

    and as in regards to ware, it all depends on what deal can be struck. and what are our other alternatives. can we sign a Jarred allen to a reasonable contract, one who is good and has been rather injury free for a couple or three years if we got rid of ware. going into draft, having another hole to fill, one very critical to any point of success, is not smart.

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