NFL Scouts scouts are very high on Wisconsin stars Lance Kendricks & J.J. Watt.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 23, 2010.

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    The Badgers have two first-team selections in senior tight end Lance Kendricks and junior defensive end J.J. Watt. That confirms what I've heard about how much NFL scouts like Kendricks, who lost out on the Mackey Award given to the nation's top tight end, to D.J. Williams of Arkansas.

    It also shows why Watt will have a tough time returning for his senior season. Watt spent a lot of time thinking about his future during a recent trip to California to receive the Ronnie Lott IMPACT award for contributions by a defensive player on and off the field.

    "It's something that I have talked about with my family," Watt said of his NFL decision. "It's something I have been looking into very heavily. Obviously, it's kind of a decision I have kinda put on the back burner now after my trip to California (is over).

    "That was my last time to think about it and now I am just 100 percent focused on the Rose Bowl because we need to go out and win this football game."
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    Kendricks is a lot like Bennett. Slower but good hands. He had a good year partly because of some receiver injuries.
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    I like Watt, every time I watched UW, all he did was make plays.
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    Not that I don't like any of these guys, but I must say I will be extremely dissapointed if we draft a TE high this year. There just isn't any need
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    Not a huge J.J. Watt fan.
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    and what we have no idea how Phillips is doing

    and Benntt you can not trust IMO

    I'd take TE Allen Reisner, Iowa

    plus there are alot of FA's TE's to look at

    don't be to surprised if we draft one
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    I love Watt. I've been pushing for us to take him if he's there in the 2nd. If we got him and Fairley our d-line would be set for awhile. Assuming Brent pans out anyway.

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