NFL: Sean Lee determined to play in all Cowboys games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    Lee isn't going anywhere.
  2. CowboysLegend365

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    Heard this before somewhere.
  3. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Please... China doll hasn't played in all 16 yet.
  4. cowboys1981

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    I'll take Skov as well. He could fall due to his last injury.
  5. jnday

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    I really like Lee and is one of the few players on the team that I respect for giving it his all. With that being said, his injury problems makes him undependable and I would have had had to think long and hard before I would have gave him a long term contract. I expect injuries to continue to be a problem and investing in a LB without these injury issues should have been considered.
  6. Picksix

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    He'll make a great LB coach someday.
  7. LatinMind

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    Yeah Lee is the best player Dallas has period. When he got hurt in Chicago he wanted to go back in both times, the trainers kept him out. He is literally involved in every running play and virtually every short to medium pass. He took a thigh to the head as he came in for a tackle. How many times have we seen this kind of play in cold weather knock players out? Alot. This fanbase i guess could get up from a hit like this with all their athletic ability and masculinity
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  8. OhSnap

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    It's not unreasonable to think he could avoid an injury like that and put in extra work on the hammies. I'm as skeptical as anyone on his future injuries but don't underestimate his determination.
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  9. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    Its not unreasonable to think that for players like Carter Hatcher, Ware, Romo, but a guy who plays the way Lee does its unreasable to think he wont be in every tackle that is near him. Thats just the way he plays, 100% all the time. It just happens that the bears players thigh hit Lee flush in the head.
  10. links18

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  11. theSHOW

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    It wasn't really a thigh that surprised him. Well, it shouldn't have anyhow. It was the players hip and Lee does these stupid plays where he actually left his head there waiting to be jolted back toward his shoulders. How many time are players told "head up" and wrap around. But not SGL. He poses for slamming that takes him out. He is not 1st on my list of overpaid stuperstars but he is not that far behind. Need a solid injury free campaign to get back in my good graces.
  12. reddyuta

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    Sean lee should be a cautionary tale of picking injured college players but we continue to draft injured players as if these guys will magically shake the injury bug,some players just cant stay healthy .
  13. HappyOnions

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    I hate to be the guy to instigate something, but is Sean Lee overrated? I seriously think we look at his stats and overrate him as one of the best LBs in the game...

    I don't think he's a top 5 MLB in the NFL right now, partially due to durability and partially due to well...his play.
  14. 17yearsandcounting

    17yearsandcounting Benched

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    This is the prime example of the old adage DONT LEAD WITH YOUR HEAD.

    Stupid and silly play. I would find something else if you are trying to tout his toughness.
  15. TwoDeep3

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    Was he not determined before?
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  16. theSHOW

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    You're half right. He was determined. Determined to get paid.
  17. TrailBlazer

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    Injuries happen. Especially the way lee plays. 100%. He gets in on tackles that 80% of LBs in this league could not get to. He elevates the defenses play up a notch. You can tell its not just about a paycheck for him. He wants to be out there. As a fan, I will rally around a guy like this. Lol at ppl really bashing this guy. I won't give up on that kind of talent and mental makeup. Put some other guys out there that can make plays so that lee doesn't have to make every tackle... See if that doesn't help his injury problems. Seriously the guy is in on every tackle and that shouldn't happen.
  18. bark

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    Lots of irony in this post
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  19. CowboysBrandon

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    Lol, very true. In what world should you have to come out and say that you're determined to play in all the games? Isn't that kinda, sorta, a given?
  20. Redball Express

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    He was an over-achiever at Penn State,too.

    He's been given a big chance to make it work, but I think the team has to fill his roster spot this season with a rookie.

    Let Lee and the new starter split playing and lets see if he can stay healthy.

    If he can, great.

    If not, then we are making efforts to move on.

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