NFL seeking to sell some Thursday games to another network

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Having Direct tv allows me the NFL network and then you add on the NFL Sunday Ticket/Redzone. I may get the all22 package next season. You can actually get the coaches views on all the games and burry your head in football 24 hours a day. And spend your week before the game scouting the opponent. lol
    On this selling of the Thursday night games I am not fooled by the NFL. initially they may sell off 6 games or more to lets say Fox, but in a year or two they will double up and fill the nfl network with a full season of games. And just to make the new network partner happy they will sell them a full season of Thursday games to give the fans a nice doubleheader. Expect an additional Sunday night and Monday night games in the future. When will we be expanding into the Euro division? London, Milan, central Germany location, and Madrid or Barcelona. Future expansion in Moscow, Paris and Istanbul plus another German location. The NFL is just doing business like any other fortune 500 company.
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    Just get some better announcers.
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    Closer to reality than you think. I read back in August that the NFL was meeting with Google about the Sunday ticket rights. I don't think Directv can afford to lose the ticket as i'm guessing many subscribers like myself would depart to bundle television with their other media; however, I wouldn't be surprised to see the NFL separate the cable and streaming packages. Perhaps selling the streaming service independent of Directv.
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    What you've stated is true but has NFL reached that stage yet? I'm not sure they have, there are many fans (including me) who can't get enough games on TV, I venture to say NFL have done lot of studies to ensure their product hasn't been saturated as of today.

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