NFL team reps ('Boys scouts) come to campus, look at players (D-linemen)

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    By MATT MORAN on March 29 2010

    Two scouts from the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys came to Des Moines Friday to evaluate Drake seniors-to-be defensive linemen Dain Taylor and Andrew Asbell.

    Taylor is a 6-foot-3-inch, 242-pound defensive end from Highlands Ranch, Colo. He was a first-team All-PFL performer last season while leading the league with 10.5 sacks.

    Asbell is a 6-foot-4-inch, 267-pound defensive tackle converted into end and has been a three-year starter. He was named second-team All-PFL in 2007.

    Taylor said that the scouts were there to get the players’ measurements and 40-yard dash times. They watched film of the players and also gave them the Wonderlic Personnel Test, a 12-minute, 50-question test given to all potential NFL prospects.

    “It was a test on math problems, word problems and critical thinking,” Taylor said. “It got gradually harder, but we both did above average.”

    Asbell said that at first the test was a little confusing because he did not know what to expect, but once he was comfortable he was able to perform well.

    “I never did something like that before,” Asbell said. “After a few questions I got the hang of it. It was an overall good experience.”

    Taylor said that the scouts will take the recorded information and put it in an NFL database where any team can see their data. He says that the next step in the process is to not get too excited about the situation and to focus on football and spring practice.

    “You can’t get too hyped, but it’s exciting for next year,” Taylor said.

    Head Coach Chris Creighton said that the most important part of the day was for the scouts to get to know the players as people off the field. He said that they cannot participate in extensive drills or NFL combine-type workouts until after the season.

    Even though it is early in the scouting process, Creighton is proud of the direction the program is moving in and is happy that these two players are getting professional consideration.

    “It’s really a reflection of those guys,” he said. “Those guys are passionate. They are great students and people.”

    Creighton said that he did not know the exact results of the Wonderlic test, but knew both players did extremely well.

    “From what I know they knocked it out of the park,” he said.

    Creighton also echoed Taylor, saying that the next step is to leave the experience behind them and focus on the task at hand.

    “The next step is to let things happen and focus on next season,” he said.

    Both players acknowledged that they have much to improve on for next season and beyond. Asbell’s main focus is adjusting to changing from defensive tackle to end.

    “I have to work on my run reads and pass reads and keep in the weight room,” Asbell said.

    Taylor said that taking his game to the next level will be difficult, but he is up to the challenge.

    “It’s taking something good and turning it into something great,” he said. “We can play at the college level, but can we take it to the next level?”
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