NFL: Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys should part ways after latest loss

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RS12, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Pull her head up Luke, she's a suckin' mud.

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    hahaha, the homers are so confused. They talk about how great Romo is, then when you say that Garrett works great with QBs, and you look at that stats, it proves Brandt right.

    So in one breath, they say, Romo's great. How did he get great? Someone had to work with him, and the only one that was here was Garrett.

    But at the end of the day, not directed at you but the other homers out there who are just simply in love with Tony. Who cares about what Gil said about working with QBs?

    The point is, he's a choker, a proven choker, and he needs to go. Focus on that.
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    My favorite comment...funny and appropriate.
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    Sorry. Not a hick. Don't get it.
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    And Gil Brandt is a rock upon which this franchise was built. Dissing his knowledge and insight would be typical of a fan who started following the team after 1996.

    I agree with Gil's assessment. The problem with keeping Romo another year means re-signing and committing cap suicide if this doesn't work.

    I can assure you the rest of the NFL wants us to keep him so we can stay in reverse. That right there is enough reason in my football logic to let him go.

    Tony Romo has become a cross too heavy to bare.

    Let another team try to put up with the negative pressure he has inflicted on this franchise.

    Time to move on.

    :star: RedBall ExPreSS:star:
  6. Disturbed

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    I agree. But it seems like JJ has fallen in love with Romo and just can't see reality. He seems hell bent on staying with him for the next few years.

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    He could win a sb.
    He may not win sb.

    Only two possible outcomes.

    Some agree with him.

    His possible outcome might turn out to be right. Wow!

    With 30 teams he has a better chance of being right. Such a silly exchange here.
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    Ive noticed on most of the Interceptions, Romo is barking at his receivers. Fine. Whatever.

    But, who barks at Romo?

    Is there anyone making him accountable?
  9. lane

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    no...there's not.
  10. tyke1doe

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    It does matter. Remember context, something you said you were interested in? :) You said I and my ilk were name calling, or do you remember what you wrote?

    Describing Romo's play and saying he didn't take advantage of the opportunities only he could make IS NOT THE SAME as name calling.

    Funny you would describe accuracy in communication obsfuscating verbiage. But some of us pride ourselves in being precise with language. :)
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    Spare me. Your ilk's argument is simple. Romo "chokes." He's supposedly "choked" in every big game he's played in. Therefore, he's a "choke artist." No one thinks "choke artist" is anything except a derogatory term that is equivalent to mockery.

    You don't have pride. You have a ginormous ego.
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    I am not on the Gil Brandt bandwagon. He's an ancient dinosaur whose time and analysis are rooted two centuries ago.

    Just because that narcissistic relic spouts off about something does not make it true.

    I guess every time the president speaks I should believ it, because...well...he's the president..

    I'm not a huge Romo supporter but I won't listen to the archaic diatribe of that old blowhard.

    For every Romo critic, there's a supporter. He's not going anywhere. Focus your dreams of him leaving in getting a solid Oline and dependable running game o he doesn't have to throw the ball 36 times a game.

    Look up Romos win loss stats on all ga,Ed in which he throws less then 30 times a game..

  13. MachPilot

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    On all games...

    Stupid iPad


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