NFL: Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys should part ways after latest loss

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RS12, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. burmafrd

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    Jason Garret has developed how many QBs?

    rcaldw refuses to admit that he has not developed any.

    So therefore to be brutal his claims are hot air at best
  2. Cajuncowboy

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    Yeah, really. Do some research.
  3. rcaldw

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    First off, quote Brandt accurately. He didn't say DEVELOPING QB's. He said WORKING with QB's.

    "I guess everything is always fixable. But I do think that Jason Garrett is pretty good at working with quarterbacks. If Garrett can't fix Romo, that's not a good sign."

    Now, do you think Brandt has a right to have that opinion? Do you think he has seen anyone WORK with QB's in the past?
  4. 187beatdown

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    No thanks, I'm not ready to watch a 3-13 season.
  5. rcaldw

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    As I have already said... I don't make a move on Tony until we find someone better. But this 3-13 stuff is just silly. Last time Romo went down we played .500 football without him. That is a fact, 2010.
  6. DandyDon1722

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    Really good insight and you might be right because you know it when you see it. I want Romo to succeed badly but last night he reverted under both mental and physical pressure to something he hadn't done in a long time. He threw off his back foot fading back. He had stopped doing that the past few seasons and began to develop that signature spin move to buy time but he didn't even try that on the last INT, which clearly wouldn't worked with the momentum the blitzer had coming at him.

    The only thing I can relate it to is golf under pressure. No matter how hard you work to change your swing you will revert to the old one under intense pressure.
  7. Switz

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    Had parcells stayed i wonder how different romos career would have been?

    More so if it went this direction that it is today. My guess parcells would have made a change long before this. Fact is romo has only been in the playoffs 06, 07 and 09.

    Facts done lie.
  8. jimmy40

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    I blame Otree's momma for not having a 10' tall son.
  9. Kangaroo

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    There is no more one more year either they trade him; are he is the QB for the next three-four years of not winning and he will be on his 4th coach. Romo is a coach killer period end of story. He helped kill Wade and he will Kill Jason if they stick with him next year and the next coach will be on his way out with coach killer at the end of his career.
  10. Fritsch_the_cat

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    That's always been my biggest concern about Romo, and what I think is his major fault, he presses at times and seems too nervous. I saw it last night, he even argued with Witten on the sidelines, and the last INT was Tony trying to force a square peg into a round hole, he was trying to make a play when he really didn't have to.

    I thought Trent Dilfer made a good point (yes, I said Trent Dilfer made a good point) on ESPN last night, that Romo was the Phil Mickelson of football. Mickleson was known as the guy who couldn't win the big one and faltered when the heat was on. He said Mickleson finally owned up to it, decided he had to face his faults and find a way to fix them. He did and went on to win several majors, and Dilfer suggested that's what Romo needs to do.

    So I don't agree with Gil and others who are saying that Romo is past his sell by date. I think he can fix his faults, as I don't think they are terminal. Plus a healthy defense, a commitment to the running game and an O-line that can punch their way out of a wet paper sack would go a long way also.

    Romo just has to calm down and rely on his talent, of which he has a lot. And learn that on some plays he just has to live to fight another down. It's like the old auto racing adage, sometimes you have to slow down to go faster.
  11. RESIN8

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    3-13, 8-8... Whats the difference? This franchise has settled for being mediocre and saying "better luck next year". We all know what needs to be done to fix the culture of this organization and who bares all the blame for this. Unfortunately what needs to be done: Blowing it all up, hiring a football gm and starting from scratch. That will not happen.

    This kind of reminds me of what went on at Cal this year. Another mediocre year and the program backers felt like Jeff Tedford was holding the program back. Tedford was cruising due to a non buy out clause in his contract. He was good till 2015. THe backers got together and voiced their opinion that Tedford needed to get fired or the school would have to deal with the prospects that nobody would buy tickets for next year(mainly the big donor alumni). Eventually the voice was heard and Tedford was fired.

    I think this franchise has been taken hostage by Jerry Jones. He knows that Cowboy fan will still continue to pay for a mediocre product. Thus taking the average fan for granted as he rolls the dice to make a successful team that he can champion as his own.

    These are dangerous times because at what point does JJ try and improve this team with another Joey Galloway or Roy Williams trade. Those types of trades are the ones that set this franchise back years. That and the negligence to find a real safety and oline.

    I really can't entertain any other way around this. Do any of you really see a bright future ahead. All I see is a poorly coached team with average personnel choices.

    LUVDABOYS Member

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    I'm thinking he's both. Just not a fan of you or those like you, just sayin
  13. BHendri5

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    He does not need to go anywhere, he will be extended and he will get it done right here with the Dallas Cowboys.

    With that being said, I will agree he does press, and tries to do too much, I blame him, but then I again I understand why he does it, after season after season teammates letting him down and critics blaming him, stating that he has to get it done, it makes a person try to do it all.

    Third season coming up for Garrett, and it will be the breakout season for him and his team. Back when he was hired to take over for wade, it was said that we were in at least a 3 year rebuilding status, but Jerry and the organization did not want to say that we were, that is exactly what has been going on whether we admit it or not.
  14. CowboysYanksLakers

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    When Gil Brandt speaks you listen...
  15. SultanOfSix

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    Yeah, keep thinking that there is a no difference between being supportive of a QB and thinking they're elite and could win a SB. I remember when Aikman said QC would lead us to the promise land after that 10-6 season he and Parcells engineered. :rolleyes:
  16. SultanOfSix

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    Hey I'm good at working with people too in the software industry. It doesn't mean I can train them and fix their problems and that is what was so obviously implied. Anybody who can read can see that from what you quoted.
  17. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Gil Brandt is spot on...
  18. CowboysYanksLakers

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    :laugh2:quote of the day... Thanks man I need that good laugh!
  19. SultanOfSix

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    Yes, because your hyperbole was the most effective method for telling me that. And yes I know who Gil Brandt is. I also know who Bill Polian, Parcells, Aikman, and Staubach are. Thanks for the lesson.
  20. big dog cowboy

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    The changes made to the culture and roster the last two to three years is proof we are past the "better luck next year" stage. Unfortunately we drafted so poorly before that it is a work in progress but clearly we are headed in the right direction.

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