NFL UDFAs signings for all 32 teams

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by jobberone, Apr 29, 2013.

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    The rest of the teams can be viewed via the link.

    Now that the 2013 NFL Draft is in the books, teams are scrambling to sign the best undrafted rookie free agents. Here is a list of players who have signed or agreed to terms with teams thus far. This will be updated as transactions officially occur or are reported by news outlets.
    Arizona Cardinals

    Clemson WR Jaron Brown; Arizona WR Dan Buckner; Colorado State OT Joe Caprioglio; Michigan LB Kenny Demens; Cincinnati DE Dan Giordano; Oklahoma DB Javon Harris; California CB Josh Hill; Wyoming LB Korey James; Oklahoma S Tony Jefferson; Oklahoma S Tony Jefferson; Alabama A&M Jamaal Johnson-Webb; Louisiana Lafayette WR Javone Lawson; California OT Matt Summers-Gavin; Tennessee CB/S Prentiss Waggner; SJSU DB Ronnie Yell; Marist WR Michael Rios; Florida A&M NT Padric Scott; Northwest Missouri State WR Tyler Shaw.

    [​IMG] Dallas Cowboys

    Clemson CB Xavier Brewer; Virginia TE/FB Paul Freedman; South Carolina State FS Jakar Hamilton; Texas A&M CB/KR Dustin Harris; Saginaw Valley State SS Jeff Heath; Eastern Washington WR Greg Herd; Mississippi State LB Cameron Lawrence; Missouri RB Kendial Lawrence; Arizona State LB Brandon Magee; SMU LB Taylor Reed; Cal Lutheran WR Eric Rogers; Wisconsin CB Devin Smith; Akron QB Dalton Williams

  2. muck4doo

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    Would have liked to see some linemen on that list for us.
  3. jobberone

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    Maybe they thought there was enough competition they didn't need to and/or no one that piqued their fancy.

    We have enough unknowns on the team along the OL. Those guys deserve a shot at making the team IMO. You can only bring so many players to camp. I'd rather find a fifth CB or a promising LB and see what we already have among the OL.
  4. Risen Star

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    It's inexcusable for there not to be.
  5. muck4doo

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    Don't agree with you often, but you are right in this case.:banghead:
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    we actually see eye to eye, which is rare, since I am so much taller than, but seriously, this is the deepest draft in years with regards to the big uglies, and not only do we only draft 1 trench warrior, we sign 0 as UDFAs.
  7. jobberone

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    How many fat guys are you going to take to camp? You can't take but so many at each position.
  8. muck4doo

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    Was thinking we should bring some linesman into camp, not fat guys. :(
  9. RastaRocket

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    I went to high school with Dan Buckner. Rooting for him to make the Cardinals.

    Other Allen guys going as UDFA's this year:

    Steven Terrell - DB TX A&M - signed with Jaguars
    Uzoma Nwachukwu (This list has his name wrong. It's "U" not "O") - WR TX A&M - Signed with Texans
  10. burmafrd

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    well that was a really intelligent post.

    But then no surprise
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    They take Multiple Punters, Kickers and QBs to camp that they know have NO shot at making the team for the most part.

    They do this because mostly they need extra bodies for rotation to keep things going.

    There is NO reason NOT to bring in more OL and DL for camps at the very least.

    On top of the extra bodies idea...You might...Just might find someone that shocks you and winds up making the practice squad or the team.
  12. jobberone

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    While there are guys who make the roster from out of nowhere, most are NOT offensive linemen. It takes awhile for most of these guys to develop and it's not impossible but it's unlikely a nobody is going to beat out someone the club has been developing for a year or so with the club.

    Yeah, they bring an extra punter and kicker so they don't wear the starter out and it does give them an opportunity to look at a player in case down the road they need the guy whether an injury to the starter or even a few years down the road. You have to have extras at every position to not wear the guys out who are going to likely help the club.

    And yes every year one or even a few UDFAs make the club. You guys are assuming they knew some UDFA offensive linemen who MAY make the club but refused to even bring some in....because you want the line improved. That's also assuming the FO is too stupid to even think they could improve the line that way. Isn't Leary an UDFA? But he was targeted because no one wanted him because he had the talent but was injured (chronically) too the point people didn't want to waste a draft pick on him. Most players are evaluated by multiple teams if not most of the 32 and there are reasons they aren't drafted. They almost assuredly didn't bring in others because they want to see if the Leary's et al they already have can make the team. There are only so many roster spots and those have to be distributed amongst all the positions on the club to ensure adequate competition.

    That doesn't mean they can't be wrong. Maybe they are wasting their time with one of the guys on the roster and maybe some nobody could come in, make the team, and in a few years contribute. The problem is players now have to contribute early or you are just taking resources to train them for someone else as you cannot keep players forever anymore.
  13. Tobal

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    In my dream world it's because they are bringing in Clabo, but that is just a dream.
  14. jnday

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    When you have a roster filled with low quality talent, you look at every player possible for upgrades. It is arrogant for them not to go after every single lineman possible. Looking at the current roster, there are only two players that should stay, Tyron and Frederick. This is stupid, stupid planning. I guess there are just not.many better than Arkin.
  15. ghst187

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    The RB from Missou is small but really fast. Wonder if he can return kicks....
  16. muck4doo

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    You also don't get better by NOT bringing in people to try out for the job.

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