NFLDraftBible:Top Strong Safety Prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft

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    AUTHOR: Sayre Bedinger | IN: 2012 NFL Draft | COMMENTS: None Yet |
    Ray Ray Armstrong has everything you look for in a safety prospect

    1. Ray Ray Armstrong, Miami (FL), 6’4″ 215 (Junior)
    Excellent tackler at the safety position who makes plays all over the field. Big hitter who is considered a potential first round prospect by many NFL Draft outlets. He is certainly physically imposing and came to Miami as a highly touted prospect considered an “athlete” and clearly they chose the right spot for him. He really broke out as a sophomore with 79 tackles and three interceptions, one returned for a touchdown. Armstrong is very, very talented and has great potential as an NFL player. He is pretty much a consensus first team All-ACC heading into the 2011 season, and was second team All-ACC last year despite starting only four games. He should be one of the top safeties on most draft boards heading into the season.

    2. Mark Barron, Alabama, 6’2″ 218 (Senior)
    Barron is the top strong safety in the class of 2012, but he comes with a HUGE “Buyer Beware” tag attached to him. Barron was arrested just before Spring practice with a misdemeanor of hindering prosecution, and also has torn a pectoral (November 2010). Barron is treading thin ice and will likely start the 2011 season with a short suspension, but will be one of the top safeties in next year’s draft. Led the talented Alabama defense with 75 tackles in 2010, and will have started three years in one of the best defensive units in the entire country, as well as under one of the best coaches in all of college football.
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    Ray Ray Armstrong looks great. Way better than any safety in the 2011 draft.

    Mark Barron appears to be overrated. He does not look good in coverage.
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    Barron's arrest shouldn't be a red flag, here is a summary of what happened:

    If someone was hurt this would be a different story, but no harm no foul IMO.
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    Ray Ray Armstrong is definitely a player to watch; big-time popper and developing in coverage. Keep a close eye on him this season.
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    Yea, Ray Ray and Bama's Robert Lester are the 2 safeties that I really like from this class. Both should be 1st Rounders.
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    Im wary of big safeties after drafting and having high hopes for Watkins.. but having never seen him play it seems he has a better frame on him, and could be very good in the box and in coverage.
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    He's listed at 6'4", which likely means he's closer to 6'2" or 6'3" in reality. I wouldn't be comfortable saying he's a 1st round lock at all. He still needs a lllllllllllooooottt of polishing. He was recruited out of high school as an "athlete" and is really just learning the position. Having said that, he's well put together and has shown a liking to blowing up ballcarriers.
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    Lol, I just read the OP's description of Armstrong and didn't realize I pretty much said the same thing. Sorry for the redundancy.
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    yeah , Ray Armsrong looks so excellent.

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