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    Article is originally from Jetsnation site, not sure how he arrived at the percentages.

    Odds of Drafting a Consistent Starter with a Top 10 Pick


    WR: 86%
    DE: 77%
    CB: 76%
    RB: 67%
    QB: 46%

    Odds of Drafting a Pro Bowler with a Top 10 Pick

    RB: 56%
    OL: 54%
    DT: 50%
    WR: 39%
    CB: 38 %
    QB: 33%
    DE: 33%

    My research has led me to believe that the three safest picks in the 2006 NFL Draft are Virginia Offensive Tackle D’Brickshaw Ferguson, Oregon Defensive Tackle Haloti N’gata and USC Running Back Reggie Bush.

    The Jets won’t have a chance to land Bush, but should have a chance at landing Ferguson or N’gata.

    Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum are not likely to address the quarterback position with fourth pick in the draft - but why would they?

    Quarterbacks are the riskiest prospects in the draft. Drafting a bust will make the new management’s tenure in New York shorter than that of their predecessor’s – this is likely a scenario they would like to avoid.

    Look for the Jets to draft a quarterback in the third or fourth round. Brody Croyle and Brett Basanez are two promising prospects they may look at.

    Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum understand that a solid foundation must be built before a quarterback is inserted to finalize a team. One only needs to look at the Lions drafting Joey Harrington and the Texans drafting David Carr before their respective teams had solid foundations in place.

    Young quarterbacks need to play for a team that has weapons in place to increase their chances at success, or, at minimum, a quality offensive line – the Jets do not any of these elements to their offense.

    The Jets need players who can play immediately. No quarterback, Matt Leinart included, could immediately step in and make the Jets significantly better. The front office will focus on the area where games are won: the trenches.

    My Prediction: OT D’Brickshaw Ferguson
    My Pick: QB Jay Cutler

    Draft Research:

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