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    Obviously does not include the trade w/ Moss..

    Cowboys picks
    11. Pacman Jones-CB
    20. Mark Clayton- WR
    42. Justin Tuck-DE
    104. Oshiomogho Atogwe- FS

    No. Team Selection
    1. 49ers QB Aaron Rodgers, California
    2. Dolphins RB Cedric Benson, Texas
    3. Browns OLB Derrick Johnson, Texas
    4. Bears RB Ronnie Brown, Auburn
    5. Buccaneers RB Carnell Williams, Auburn
    6. Titans OT Alex Barron, Florida State
    7. Raiders WR Mike Williams, USC
    8. Cardinals CB Antrel Rolle, Miami (FL)
    9. Redskins WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan
    10. Lions FS Thomas Davis, Georgia
    11. Cowboys CB Adam Jones, West Virginia
    12. Chargers DE Shaun Cody, USC
    13. Texans DE Marcus Spears, LSU
    14. Panthers OT Jammal Brown, Oklahoma
    15. Chiefs MLB Channing Crowder, Florida
    16. Saints OLB Kevin Burnett, Tennessee
    17. Bengals TE Heath Miller, Virginia
    18. Vikings CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn
    19. Rams DE David Pollack, Georgia
    20. Cowboys WR Mark Clayton, Oklahoma
    21. Jaguars DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin
    22. Ravens WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina
    23. Seahawks DE Matt Roth, Iowa
    24. Packers DE Dan Cody, Oklahoma
    25. Broncos DT Travis Johnson, Florida State
    26. Jets CB Brandon Browner, Oregon State
    27. Falcons DT Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin
    28. Chargers DE Chris Canty, Virginia
    29. Colts CB Marlin Jackson, Michigan
    30. Steelers CB Justin Miller, Clemson
    31. Eagles DE Shawne Merriman, Maryland
    32. Patriots OG Elton Brown, Virginia
    ROUND 2
    No. Team Selection
    33. Cardinals* QB Alex Smith, Utah
    34. Browns OT Adam Terry, Syracuse
    35. Eagles DT Luis Castillo, Northwestern
    36. Buccaneers DT C.J. Mosley, Missouri
    37. Titans CB Eric Green, Virginia Tech
    38. Raiders OLB Darryl Blackstock, Virginia
    39. Bears WR Roddy White, Alabama-Birmingham
    40. Saints SS Ernest Shazor, Michigan
    41. Lions TE Alex Smith, Stanford
    42. Cowboys DE Justin Tuck, Notre Dame
    43. Giants MLB Odell Thurman, Georgia
    44. 49ers* OT Wesley Britt, Alabama
    45. Panthers RB Ciatrick Fason, Florida
    46. Chiefs CB Bryant McFadden, Florida State
    47. Texans OG David Baas, Michigan
    48. Bengals SS Donte Nicholson, Oklahoma
    49. Vikings FS Brodney Pool, Oklahoma
    50. Rams OT Khalif Barnes, Washington
    51. Packers MLB Barrett Ruud, Nebraska
    52. Jaguars CB Corey Webster, Louisiana State
    53. Ravens OT Michael Munoz, Tennessee
    54. Seahawks MLB Lance Mitchell, Oklahoma
    55. Bills OG Chris Kemoeatu, Utah
    56. Broncos OLB Rian Wallace, Temple
    57. Jets RB Marion Barber III, Minnesota
    58. Packers FS James Butler, Georgia Tech
    59. Falcons OG Marcus Johnson, Mississippi
    60. Colts DT Mike Patterson, Southern California
    61. Chargers OLB Demarcus Ware, Troy State
    62. Steelers WR Reggie Brown, Georgia
    63. Eagles RB Vernand Morency, Oklahoma State
    64. Patriots MLB Kirk Morrison, San Diego State
    ROUND 3
    No. Team Selection
    65. 49ers CB Fabian Washington, Nebraska
    66. Rams FS Josh Bullocks, Nebraska
    67. Browns QB Jason Campbell, Auburn
    68. Titans WR Chris Henry, West Virginia
    69. Raiders DE Bill Swancutt, Oregon State
    70. Dolphins MLB Robert McCune, Louisville
    71. Buccaneers OT Chris Colmer, North Carolina State
    72. Lions OC Chris Spencer, Mississippi
    73. Texans CB Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma
    74. Giants WR Fred Gibson, Georgia
    75. Falcons* SS Jamaal Brimmer, UNLV
    76. Redskins DT Atiyyah Ellison, Missouri
    77. Eagles TE Kevin Everett, Miami (FL)
    78. Texans WR Craphonso Thorpe, Florida State
    79. Panthers WR Vincent Jackson, Northern Colorado
    80. Vikings K Mike Nugent, Ohio State
    81. Rams RB Frank Gore, Miami (FL)
    82. Saints QB Andrew Walter, Arizona State
    83. Bengals OC Ben Wilkerson, Louisiana State
    84. Ravens DT Jonathan Babineaux, Iowa
    85. Seahawks RB Eric Shelton, Louisville
    86. Bills TE Joel Dressen, Colorado State
    87. Jaguars FS Mitch Meeuwsen, Oregon State
    88. Jets SS Junior Rosegreen, Auburn
    89. Packers OG Logan Mankins, Fresno State
    91. Cardinals* OLB Michael Boley, Southern Mississippi
    92. Buccaneers DE Jovan Haye, Vanderbilt
    93. Colts RB Kay-Jay Harris, West Virginia
    94. Steelers MLB Adam Seward, UNLV
    95. Eagles WR Terrence Murphy, Texas A&M
    96. Patriots CB Darrent Williams, Oklahoma State
    ROUND 4
    No. Team Selection
    97. 49ers OG C.J. Brooks, Maryland
    98. Browns OG Dan Buenning, Wisconsin
    99. Dolphins CB Alphonso Hodge, Miami (OH)
    100. Raiders RB J.J. Arrington, California
    101. Bears OLB Ryan Claridge, UNLV
    102. Buccaneers TE Garrett Cross, California
    103. Titans QB Charlie Frye, Akron
    104. Cowboys FS Oshiomogho Atogwe, Stanford
    105. Giants OC Jason Brown, North Carolina
    106. 49ers* DT Anthony Bryant, Alabama
    107. Redskins MLB Boomer Grigsby, Illinois State
    108. Lions DE George Gause, South Carolina
    109. Texans MLB Mike Goolsby, Notre Dame
    110. Panthers DT Ronald Fields, Mississippi State
    111. Chiefs WR Courtney Roby, Indiana
    112. Rams QB Dan Orlovsky, Connecticut
    113. Saints DT Lorenzo Alexander, California
    114. Bengals DT Sione Pouha, Utah
    115. Vikings SS James Sanders, Fresno State
    116. Seahawks WR Taylor Stubblefield, Purdue
    117. Bills RB Darren Sproles, Kansas State
    118. Jaguars OT Anthony Alabi, Texas Christian
    119. Ravens OLB Zac Woodfin, Alabama-Birmingham
    120. Packers TE Dave Kashetta, Boston College
    121. Broncos FS Peter Sands, Central Florida
    122. Jets QB Kyle Orton, Purdue
    123. Cardinals* QB Adrian McPherson, AFL
    124. Colts CB Dustin Fox, Ohio State
    125. Chargers FS Vince Fuller, Virginia Tech
    126. Steelers RB Walter Reyes, Syracuse
    127. Eagles OG Adam Synder, Oregon
    128. Patriots WR J.R. Russell, Louisville
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    I really think we'll sign CB Lucas soon and not draft a CB.
    If we stay in a 4-3, I'd prefer to see Merriman play speed rusher on the DE and play some LB. His versatility and freakish athleticism combined with great size make him pretty intriguing, even over DJ.
  3. montgod

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    How did you come up with Lucas being connected with the Cowboys? Have any links or info?
  4. Roy Williams

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    Bill had nothing but good things to say about Lucas whenever we played Seattle last year. He was commenting on how most people don't realize just how good Lucas is. I guess the media just thought it would be a good match, plus he won't command high dollar like someof the other CB's like Smoot.
  5. Oh_Canada

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    Jones, Clayton, Tuck, and Atogwe would be a great draft in my opinion.
  6. jterrell

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    I agree.

    I'd rather go:

    Erasmus James
    Chris Henry

    if things ffall as this draft lays out but that seems quite a good draft to me.

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