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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, May 10, 2011.

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    Basically said, their working, getting in sessions and drills.

    Miles: You get to script work in, we are getting together twice a week, from routes, passing tree, 7 on 7, and getting some pretty good work in.

    I feel i will reach my peak, when I reach it. Advantage, dont know if you have advantage with head coach already knowing your system etc, because we have a new defense, and were working against the defensive players which we havent seen that yet in training camp (talking about roy ryan style of defense) and getting good work in, even if you have head coach established

    Dez and I have same contact we have had in past and dez works hard. Same conversations we have before and now.

    Foundating my family and I started for low income areas with youth program, my birthday on 30th is the website; thats it, we will be ready to go miles said
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    Did he blow kisses to romo2austin on National TV?
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    TV interviews and not practicing and doesn't have his nose in the playbook? Cut this diva!
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    The interview was just audio no video.

    But I'm sure he was admiring a pic of him at the time. ;)
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    The kid is a fan, that is for sure!
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    One of my favorite players on the team...

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