NFL's 'Die Hards' show true devotion by sitting through all three days of the draft

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    By Les Carpenter | Yahoo! Sports – 4 hours

    Fans have been a constant and essential part of the draft ever since about 200 people drifted into the 1979 selection at the Waldorf Astoria and booed when the New York Giants took a then-unknown Phil Simms with their first pick. They make the soundtrack behind the braying of the analysts. But by the third day the draft has lost its excitement. There's no green room. No players. Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't regularly walk to the lectern on the third day. In fact, the lectern is hardly used. Those who come to watch Day 3 are essentially looking at an empty stage and a pit filled with team representatives talking on helmet phones.

    And unlike the other two nights it goes on …

    And on …

    And on.

    To be here from noon to 8 p.m., you have to want to be here.

    The league has a phrase for men like Walsh who sit through every pick of every round. It calls them Die Hards. Several years ago, a league official walked around a nearly empty room at the end of what was then a two-day draft and took everybody's name. It then sent them draft tickets and blue cards that look like hotel key cards with the words "Day 2 Die Hards" printed across the front. The NFL stopped the program now that the draft is three days but still extends benefits – including advance tickets and early entry – to those original members.

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    One year I'm going to make it up there. Maybe next year if I properly plan my final exam schedule.

    How much does it cost?

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