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    OL Marcus Cannon (6-6, 358)
    A massive, thickly built athlete who is strong through his upper and lower half. Possesses a good first step off the football for his size and can consistently seal on the edge or create a significant push in the run game. Displays above-average range for his size in the pass game, but I still don’t think he’s rangy enough to play left tackle in the NFL. Gets sloppy with his footwork trying to reach the corner, but my biggest concern was his inability to get of the snap count on time for the most part of the game, allowing defenders to often get in and under his frame off the snap.

    Dalton has enough tools to warrant an NFL roster spot.
    QB Andy Dalton (6-3, 220)
    Possesses a cool/calm demeanor, the game never seemed to be too big for him as he was always in control. Showcased good zip on some big NFL-caliber throws, tossing the deep out from the opposite hash with plenty of zip. Generates good torque from his lower half and when he has time to set his feet and step into a throw. Did a nice job a couple times working his progressions across the field and cleanly re-setting his footwork with the target, but doesn’t consistently maintain his balance and transfer his weight as well from his back foot, which causes him to not get as much zip on the football on some deeper throws. Is a good enough athlete to buy time and keep plays alive, but occasionally can be slower to decipher information. Will hold onto the ball too long at times and I wish his mental clock would go off a bit sooner. His accuracy overall is solid, but his ball placement at times keeps him from completing passes on all levels of the field. Displayed nice touch down the field, both from the pocket and on the move, and overall didn’t force many throws and took better care of the football, which was one of the bigger questions I had about his game earlier in the year.



    OC Zane Taylor (6-2, 309)
    He’s a strong, natural bender who does a nice job quickly extending his arms/hands off the snap and getting into his opponents frame quickly. Lacks great lateral quickness when asked to snap and set and will struggle at times to reach defenders shooting off his frame. However, he possesses good lower body strength when asked to sit into his stance and anchor, displays good lateral agility and balance when asked to stick to blocks through the play. Looks like one of the better centers in this year’s class.

    Don’t sleep on him
    Finally, it’s time to give some props to Alabama QB Greg McElroy. The guy has been known throughout college football as simply a game manager. However, if you really evaluate this guy with an open mind, he’s much more than that. McElroy does two things as good as any quarterback prospect in the nation.

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