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    Small schooler is dominant
    Watching the Villanova/Richmond matchup this weekend was fun on a couple levels because when you get these two teams together the overall talent level is good enough to definitely compete and even beat a fair amount of the FBS teams that are out there. But, from an NFL prospect type view, there is also one guy who is really starting to shine above the rest and that’s ‘Nova OG Benjamin Ijalana. Ijalana is a big, 6-4, 320-pound kid who can bend and block with leverage in the run game as well as sit into his stance and anchor vs. the pass. However, he really stood out on the move to me this weekend when asked to pull, get out to the second level as he absolutely demolished downhill attacking defenders with a compact punch and powerful leg drive. But, like any small-school prospect, he is raw, especially as a pass blocker and has a tendency to simply stand upright off the snap, extend his long arms and lock out. However, he’s a good enough athlete to certainly be a player in the NFL — I see him more as a guard — as he still has a lot of upside to his game. His athleticism, physical skill set and willingness to finish blocks and dominate are all NFL-worthy attributes and he looks like a dirty starter (year two starter) at the next level to me at this stage.

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