Nick Eatman: Cowboys sign three.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Encore, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. cowboyschmps3

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    I guess the didn't like Guyton
  2. jbravo316

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    Why not, jerry probably would.:laugh2:
  3. The Great Number 8

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    As would have Orakpo and Carriker from their side.
  4. Randy White

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    Sorry, Roo, but that ain't the way it happened.

    Tui and Nate were on the roster long before Jimmy got to Dallas, even though neither became much until Emmitt got there. Gogan came in with Michael in '88 and only because of injuries did they stumbled on his ability to become a Pro Bowl OG. They should have seen that one earlier, and I'm talking about both Jimmy and Coach Laundry's eras, because he was a boxer in the off season and had quick feet. However because of his height, they always tried to make him a tackle ( a stereotype that, to this day, I completely HATE from the NFL ), but I digress..

    Jimmy did draft Step and Erick, but everybody else were JAGS picked up from the waiver wire: John Gesek (Raiders), Frank Cornish (Vikins), Alan Veingrad (Packers).

    If anything, we were VERY fortunate to have Nate and Tui, the ONLY 2 offensive linemen who were consistent starters in all 3 SBs and all 4 of Emmitt's rushing titles. If you go back and look at those rosters, you'd be shocked at the lack of depth that we had at O-line.
  5. jblaze2004

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    ummmm I think we were alot more banged up then the skins.
    Guard moved to center because all 3 centers are out,
    our starting RB out, Start Nt out,
    starting STUD linebacker out, s
    tarting safety out,
    starting LT (best lineman) out, guard playing center and 2nd string bum guard filling his spot at guard.
    Miles basically out,
    3rd wr out (even thought it was a win that he was out for me:lmao2: ),
    our 2nd middle linebacker goes down,
    Lissemore one of our best d-lineman is out.

    Redskins missed who orakpo, carriker, a safety and ????? maybe one lineman. The are pretty healthy right now. Especially compared to us.
  6. silver

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    True but Jimmy's OL never got hurt. The only starter to miss significant time due to injuries was Stepnoski. We had quality backups in Gogan and Veingrad who had been starters before. In '93 we had back ups in Ron Stone, Everett McIver and David Dixon who never started in Dallas but went on to have very solid carreers elsewhere. Just because Tuinei and Newton never missed time to injury it didn't mean Jimmy couldnt find talent at the OL. Name one guy post Jimmy that we let go in the offensive line that went on to start somewhere else? Cant think of a single one. Oliver Ross?
  7. stasheroo

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    You sure do, when did I state that these events didn't happen?

    Again, where did I state otherwise? I think you're arguing over something I never said.

    Trust me, I remember. But I also remember the 4 Pro Bowls that Williams went to while dominating guys like Reggie White and I remember Stepnoski going to 5 Pro Bowls himself too while re-defining what a center could be.

    And while Johnson himself wasn't there to draft Larry Allen, everyone else from his regime still was. SO I think the mindset to invest in the trenches remained.

    And more than anything, that was the point I was trying to make.

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