Nick Fairley arrested on marijuana charge in Mobile

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by JonJon, Apr 3, 2012.

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    MOBILE, Alabama -- Detroit Lions defensive lineman Nick Fairley was arrested this afternoon in Mobile on a 2nd-degree marijuana possession charge, according to records at Mobile County Metro Jail.
    Fairley, 24, was held at the jail on $1,000 bail. Mobile police spokeswoman Ashley Rains said that citizens in the Morningside Manor neighborhood of Mobile, a subdivision west of Navco Road, called police complaining about a car speeding through the neighborhood several times about noon.
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    1st-degree inhaling (hold it ... hold it) + 3rd-degree exhaling = 2nd-degree charge. :laugh2:
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    Fairley needs to hire a posse so he don't have to get him a DWH
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    This is another reason why I am glad Garrett focuses on high character guys.

    Not that you don't make mistakes drafting them as well, but at least your mistakes are (hopefully) more infrequent.
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    didn't their running back get busted last week?
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    Was he under the influence while driving or did the cops only find it in his possession? Maybe they busted him for speeding and searched his car and found it. Maybe it wasn't even his but some friend left it there. I'm sure the NFL will be calling soon for a sample.
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    Is Nate Newton his hero?
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    What a buffoon.
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    Hence why Janoris and Kirkpatrick are not options at #14.
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    I hope he enjoys his 4 game suspension :laugh2:
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    One way to lengthen your career. Never have to play 16 games because you get suspended all the time
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    Truly. Shocking. ;)

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