Twitter: Nick Saban's message that Jason Garrett tells to team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 13, 2013.

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    I'm sick of hearing about the "process" and how Saban is a guru to Garrett. The same guy was a failure as an NFL coach and basially quit on a team and ran back to the college ranks with his process. A process might work with kids who need disciplined guidance. Most guys in the NFL need someone who can coach, scheme and who knows how to control the clock and timeouts. They don't need a babysitter who runs a process, stacking blocks or whatever. Saban figured this out and went back to where it worked. Garrett hasn't figured that out yet.
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    Yet we have had very conservative game plans and play calling nearly all year. He hasn't wanted to dominate opponents from a coaching standpoint. He has wanted to eke out defensive battles while expecting a patched up group of street free agents and underperforming, injury prone "stars" to slow down our stronger opponents and still force turnovers. DET was 10-7 after 3 quarters, KC was low scoring, SD our O did not score a point in the second half...where is the attempt at domination?

    Still one man to blame more than Garrett, the guy who dealt him the hand.
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    That's why the guy is in my avi.
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    Sometimes, a mentor just wants to offer some pubic support for somebody he obviously respects. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. You can still not like JG and not get upset by anything Saban has to say.
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    Mr. Take What The Defense Gives You talking about domination. Cute.
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    Opie could not dominate a litter of kittens headed for a milk bowl.
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    Almost as much mileage as he did from one year playing under Jimmy Johnson.
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    Garrett is writing this in his coaching 101 notepad now..
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    garrett lacks substance. he tries so hard to mimick all of these great coaches but he lacks the substance behind the image that he's trying to portray. i see right thru the guy.
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    Don't look at the game clock either, Jason.

    (Just kidding)
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    lol. haha that was good
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    In am trying to find a list of NFL head coaches in history that had been NFL QBs. I really want to examine such a list. I know Hargbaugh is doing okay, but he had a LB mentality. I know Bart Starr was a horrible head coach. But I want to find a list so I can analyze.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    NFL QBs or just QBs?
  14. ajk23az

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    Sean Payton, Bill Belichick, or even Tom Landry couldn't have won with Gus Frerotte, Joey Harrington, and Daunte Culpepper as the QBs on that team . Let alone, Chris Chambers and Marty Booker as the WRs.

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    If just NFL QBs, I can really only think of Kubiac and Harbaugh.
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    Lol at ppl bashing Saban. One of the best coaches of this era. College or pro. Football is football. He prefers college because the players actually give a dam. Not like the pros, they don't listen to coaching or discipline. NFL players wont buy into his system because it requires discipline. Most just care about their paycheck. When money is involved, everything changes. College players play with passion and heart. And that's where Saban can have his biggest impact on a player, not just on the field but off it too.

    Great coach. Great leader. If NFL players could set their ego aside and buy into what Saban is selling, he would be very successful. He is a proven winner.
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    I am thinking NFL they have even more grooming, conditioning etc in being in charge, but not emotional, almost clinical in nature. I am just wondering if all of what goes into being an NFL so much of what they have to be...a deterrent in being a head coach.

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    Most former players/coaches were DBs I think. Lots of LBs and OLs too.
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    Ooops, guess Saban forgot to tell Ginger that before your guy can dominate his opponent, you HAVE to put them in the best position to win. It would be helpful if you had a system in place that emphasized their strengths instead of expose their weaknesses. Running an offense and defense to FIT your players is not too much to ask.

    Garrett also didn't mention that Saban probably told HIM to 1) Prepare your team 2) make in game adjustments 3) Do what YOU do best 4) Don't let opponents dictate to you--exploit their weaknesses instead; and 5) Prepare your team, I know he said that twice but it is that important. :)

    oh, and one last thing I am sure Nicky told Ginger..."Quitting is underrated, if you see after 2 years that this thing is not for you, go to where you will succeed. See Miami and now look at me now. " Know when to fold them, cut your losses and walk away. Too bad he hasn't picked that up yet---lucky us. :(

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    Football is not Football. When they say the Worst team in the Pros could ruin the best college football team in the country, they are not lying.

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