Nine former UCF players work out for NFL scouts on Knights’ Pro Day

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    Nine former UCF players work out for NFL scouts on Knights’ Pro Day
    Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall on hand to support the Knights hoping to earn spots on NFL teams,0,6825831.story
    7:41 p.m. EST, March 25, 2010
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    Defensive tackle Torell Troup tried to keep his teammates calm for their big day in front of NFL scouts.

    "I told them all to relax," said Troup, who was the only UCF player who had already performed for scouts at this year's NFL Scouting Combine. "… I let them know I was nervous before the combine. It's a nervous time. This is a job interview, and I mean this is your one time to shine."

    Troup was among nine former UCF football players who participated in the Knights' Pro Day on Wednesday. Scouts representing 20 NFL teams put defensive tackle Travis Timmons, safety Michael Greco, center Ian Bustillo, linebacker Cory Hogue and wide receiver Rocky Ross through a variety of drills on the UCF campus. Former players Frisner Nelson and Jonathan Kirby also participated in the variety of tests.

    Troup only did a few drills, standing by most of his combine times.

    Jarvis Geathers attended the event but could not work out because he suffered a torn quad muscle.

    Several current and former UCF players, including Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall, were on hand to support the players.

    The scouts recorded individual times and no official statistics were released.

    "I feel like I've been injured a lot during my career, so it felt great to train and work out to get ready for Pro Day," said Hogue, who added about 10 pounds to his frame since the 2010 season ended. "I think it was a really good day for everyone out here."

    Bustillo said he has been working out since the end of the UCF football season and dropped about 20 pounds.

    "I just came out here trying to put up the best numbers possible and I feel pretty good about it," he said.

    Timmons was nervous and could barely sleep Wednesday night.

    "I felt good about it and it seemed good, but only the scouts can say for sure," he said.

    Like most of the UC F players at Pro Day, Timmons has meetings and individual workouts lined up with NFL teams.

    "We're all going to work hard until the draft and then just see what happens," he said.

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