Nnamdi Asmougha

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DejectedFan1996, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. the_h0wey

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    Does he have any Tackle or Guard experience?
  2. The Natural

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    He doesnt seem to do either very well. (And yes I know what you really meant)
  3. DoomsDayD

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    Have you watched him play this year???
  4. burmafrd

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    Total BS about not using him correctly. He stinks. He would stink if they were 'using' him correctly.

    We really dodged a bullet when Jerruh failed to sign him
  5. The Natural

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    I'm actually warming to the idea of Asomugha as a safety prospect. I mean check it out, just looking at his frame 6'2, 210 lbs, doesnt have the elite speed to man corners, you know who that reminds me of? Somebody this team had the opportunity to sign a few years back before he went to NO (and most posters as I recall even said he was too old), Darren Sharper. Granted Sharper had been a Career-Safety guy, but in terms of skillset and measurables, Asomugha is very similar. I'd rather have a guy like that patrolling the FS position and then slide Sensabaugh to SS, at the right price of course.
  6. DejectedFan1996

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    I forgot that most COwboys fans only watch the Cowboys and don't watch other football teams, hence the "have you seen him play hes a bust" type of comments. It's to be expected.

    I do find it quite comical that a "bust" was considered to be the #1A CB for 6 years. I guess that was 6 years of luck.

    Listening to the posters on this forum, you'd think our oline was the worst in all of football. Again, another example of not watching anyone else outside the Cowboys.

    I never said to neglect the oline/dline. As a matter of fact, I mentioned that should be priority in my previous post. But I threw out the idea that if he came cheap, he could provide good depth. I refuse to believe all those years in Oakland were flukes, but his two with a Eagles Secondary that hasn't been the same since Jim Johnson passed are "who he really is."
  7. The Natural

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    Well with status comes perception. Asomugha being considered one of the best CB's is not something that came out of thin air, he was annually pro bowl-all pro bound, and I think even Peyton Manning called him the best CB in the league at one point. The problem is the scheme Oakland ran, he only lined up on one side of the field. Knowing there's a pretty solid football player on that side, opposing QB's would just attack the other side of the field.

    It's really not much different then what we saw last year here. Mike Jenkins was the best cover corner on the team, as a result QB's picked on Scandrick, Ball, and Newman. I'm not saying Jenkins was better than Asomugha, but I feel Asomugha's value as a "shutdown" corner was overrated. He wasn't Darrelle Revis in Oakland following the best WR around the field.
  8. DejectedFan1996

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    The perception was created because of the reality though. I used to watch Oakland, primarly because my closest friend is a huge Raiders fan. So naturally, because he watched the Cowboys to 'make sure they lose' I'd do the same for Oakland. But the guy was a beast in Oakland. QB's would look in his direction and quickly turn the other way. Most of the time he would matchup against the opposing teams best WR. Larry Fitzgerald was shut down quite a few times by Nnamdi.

    I'm at work so I can't go into great details until I get home but I remember in 2008 I believe opposing Qb's tested him a total of like 45 times, and he only allowed 10 receptions. That's 22%. In 2010, he pretty much followed the opposing team's top WR the entire year. Shut them ALL down.
  9. fatboygixxer

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  10. jterrell

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    This isn't that complicated. Nnamdi was at one time the best or 2nd best CB in football. He is no longer anywhere near that perch. Now he is 31 years old and if his press at the line fails he no longer has the explosion to catch back up and pick off passes.

    His style of play isn't conducive to being an off the ball corner either. His career arc is similar to TNew's except he was far better at their peaks.

    Next year he'll be 32 and likely out of football. I don't any reason he needs to move around on short-term deals after banking all that money. He is a CAli guy and likely returns to Cali or retires, IMO.
  11. durrrr

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    He can be bad now without those years in Oakland being a 'fluke.'
  12. DejectedFan1996

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    This is entirely possible but more than likely not the case. He did a complete 180 in only a year. So him turning 30 just made him do a complete 180 from a year prior when he was coming off another steller season?

    Truth is, no one in that Eagles secondary has been good the past two years. DRC was never a shut down corner but he was very good in Arizona and he's looked like complete trash now. It'd be one thing if the other CBs were playing well and Nnamdi wasn't but every DB on Philly has been trash.

    I guess we'll just wait and see when his career is resurrected next year on a new team.
  13. burmafrd

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    during last years lockouts the coaches had nothing to do but look at game films.

    I am of the opinion that is why Nmadi got nowhere near the money that everyone was predicting for him.

    Only Philthy and Jerruh thought he was all that. And even then he got millions less then everyone predicted.

    Coaches looked at game film and word spread that Nmadi was over rated. Philthy had a guy who had no business being at DC and we had Jerruh.
    Is it any real surprise that the bidding pretty much was between those two teams?
  14. thechosen1n2

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    In a word....SUCKS.

    Shame on anyone thinking he was as good a Revis. Not only is he not better than Revis, at the time he was not as good as C. Woodson, Cromartie, Flowers, Samuels,

    He had 1 really good year and the rest of the Defense in Oakland was so bad teams stayed away from him. I was glad we did not get him and people called me stupid. I remember I questioned him because I had been hearing how great he was, but Tony and Miles went at him, and had some success. I was never sold after that. Id re-up Jenkins before paying this guy.
  15. NickZepp

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    I agree we need to go after OL and DL. We also probably need LB depth, WR depth, and RB depth(all the injuries we've had the last couple seasons) and I wouldn't mind us going after CB depth because you can't have too many DBs in todays NFL. Philly pretty much used him wrong from day one, I bet he wishes he went to Dallas with a defense he was more familiar with. But then again we got Claiborne now who is probably gonna end up as a great one at CB.
  16. BAT

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    Even if Asomougha can play FS at this level, what are you going to do about Barry Church who has already been re-signed?

    If Cowboys are going to invest big dollars (or even small dollars) in FA, then they need to address the trenches first, second and third.
  17. The Natural

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    Church who played what, 1 game this year?
  18. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    wow our fans are delusional and have no clue what it is going on with this organization.. Need to concentrate on getting an A+ pass rusher/run stopper, and sure up the Guard position if we choose to give Parnell a fair shot at getting plenty of reps at RT..
  19. RoyTheHammer

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    Care to explain what's wrong with how they are using him?

    That's nothing but a cop out.. he's flat out sucked this year. Summed up nicely last game when he gave up a TD pass to his man who was more than 20 yards away from him when he caught it.

    Nnamdi had some great years.. but he's done.
  20. RoyTheHammer

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    Oh boy, spare us all the condescending attitude. Im up here in Eagle country and i've watched him play this year.

    ..he has consistently left a big poop on the field. He's not good anymore.

    Just a little heads up, i don't believe your football IQ is as high as you think it is. lol

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