No Easy Day

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    No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden [Hardcover]

    There is a lot of controversy about this Navy Seal writing this book and the Pentagon is looking into what they can do about this. Supposedly it contains accounts of what"actually" happened that day and conflicts with what was reported by the media or the Pentagon.

    It's also been said that the other Seals don't like this man writing this book so it's going to be interesting to read the book.

    I ordered mine already because there are rumors that it might be stopped from being sold at some point in time. I ordered mine from Amazon.
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    Interesting! I might have to order mine electronically then. I was planning on waiting since I am reading a few other SEAL books right now.
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    Just read a few excerpts in an article.

    Seems pretty interesting.

    Not really sure about the whole idea of the guy writing a book about it though.

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