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No more Faith Hill on SNF

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by StarBoyz83, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. StarBoyz83

    StarBoyz83 Well-Known Member

    9,057 Messages
    3,684 Likes Received
    Faith Hill will no longer be doing the SNF football song. Wonder who they'll get to do it now? Maybe we'll be lucky and get c lo for both Sundays and Thursdays!!!


    Oops I meant to put this in nfl zone
  2. Picksix

    Picksix A Work in Progress

    5,197 Messages
    1,079 Likes Received
    As many times as we're on SNF, I'd say it's appropriate.

    But no C-Lo. That intro for NFL Network is awful.
  3. StarBoyz83

    StarBoyz83 Well-Known Member

    9,057 Messages
    3,684 Likes Received
    Yes it is horrible!!
  4. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    88,018 Messages
    10,944 Likes Received
    I only watch it for the game. the 1 or 2 min opening makes me no difference. :D
  5. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

    28,547 Messages
    3,299 Likes Received
    You are such a liar! :laugh2:

    If the Cowboys are not playing on SNF, I ONLY watch the first 2 minutes.
  6. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    88,018 Messages
    10,944 Likes Received
    No I actually love Football College and Pros. Cowboys are my favorite team but I will watch football games no matter who is playing.

    I think Faith is hot looking but I tune in for the football games not her
  7. Bowdown27

    Bowdown27 Well-Known Member

    3,890 Messages
    1,176 Likes Received
    I don't like faith hill at all but she was good at what she did. I'm curious to see who they get....beyonce, Carrie underwood, Rihanna. Idk I'm just naming big name people lol
  8. DavidS

    DavidS Well-Known Member

    1,229 Messages
    282 Likes Received
    Good, now I hopefully won't have to mute my tv for every intro
  9. godofwar

    godofwar Member

    182 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    I wish they'd ditch the pop music intros, and go to something like the intros to the old NFL Films.
  10. rat2k8

    rat2k8 Well-Known Member

    4,426 Messages
    3,754 Likes Received
  11. Supercowboy1986

    Supercowboy1986 Well-Known Member

    1,955 Messages
    1,091 Likes Received
  12. StarMan

    StarMan Well-Known Member

    1,208 Messages
    354 Likes Received
  13. noshame

    noshame I'm not dead yet...... Zone Supporter

    5,226 Messages
    2,366 Likes Received
    I loved the original music with highlights and Gifford getting everybody jacked about the teams.

    But alas...I'm old.
  14. jason54858

    jason54858 Gloomy Sunday

    2,447 Messages
    215 Likes Received
    And not just him. All the cheesy shots of the fans on YouTube. :lmao2:
    They kept running the promo during commercial breaks. God, it was unbearable at time.
  15. Gemini Dolly

    Gemini Dolly Well-Known Member

    7,175 Messages
    1,187 Likes Received
    Carrie Underwood would be perfect for this.

    She loves football, shes gorgeous, shes got pipes.
  16. Sean50Lee

    Sean50Lee Active Member

    584 Messages
    95 Likes Received
  17. StarBoyz83

    StarBoyz83 Well-Known Member

    9,057 Messages
    3,684 Likes Received
    Im hoping for beyonce! Thats nice to look at. But you know its limited who it can be by what channel its on.
  18. CyberB0b

    CyberB0b Village Idiot

    6,965 Messages
    4,564 Likes Received
    Beyonce would be nice.
  19. jrumann59

    jrumann59 Well-Known Member

    7,370 Messages
    2,044 Likes Received
    no Beyonce, get someone a little fresher, not someone that "sucked" to get to the top.
  20. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

    7,661 Messages
    367 Likes Received
    As long as it's not Beiber/Taylor Swift.

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