No one here talks about rebuilding, but I will

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    Mens, cubicle dwellers, wholesalers, rebels of rock and persons of interest:

    One of the laws of physics that Einstein developed was the law of regeneration.
    I won't go into it because it is complicated and stuff and I realize that the educational level here is at 11th grade, lower in Farmers Branch and parts of West Virginia and Flordia.

    But to put it in lawmens terms, we half to rebuild.
    Yes. At one point Jerra Jones has got to tip the cocktail waitress, look at his calendar on his cellphone and say "What the hey! It's time to rebuild.
    so let us hep him because we so love him.

    1. Quarterback: Ya know, Tony just had a 500-yard passing day. Some of you might say, "Gimme, Rona can go good for us for another 5 years."
    No he cant.
    Now is the time to start thinking about a 2014 draft of a QB. Looks like we might come out 8-8 this season, and it's no indictment of the team or Tony, just the defense.
    Look at it this way, mens and strong womens, it will take this young QB to sit on the bench and watch Tony thow INTS for at least 2 or 3 years before he can start. So let's get started with the countdown.

    2. Defensive ends. Hey, last year I was thinking, "Hey, Gimme, this beast Ware is all-pro and all universe. Strange how quickly the demise can come.
    And for his book end. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    3. O line, Jerra and his braintrust half proved that a credible (let's not use the word "viable" that was so much the bone of contention yestiday) O line can be put together with FAs and two top draft picks in Tyron and Fredrick the Giant. So, as much as I would love to see a top O line draft pick, other needs make this a nonpriority.

    4. Face it. Our corners and safeties suck. Could we get the commish to disband another team so we can pick parts from it? OK, this will half to be done through FA. 2 corners and 2 safeties.
    Carr and Claiborne are iffy and inconsistent.

    5. Running back. One day DeMarco Murray looks good. Another day he looks pedestrian. I so yearn for the day so Emmitt Smith (the young Emmitt, not the horrible Cardinals running back who had negative yardage agin us). Yes, an Emmitt Smith clone. Look closely around the league, Jerra, and take long looks at a young upcoming runner in a team that might be overstocked with runnintg backs. I know, they don't grow on Florida trees but our draft needs cry out for defensive players.

    There. Gimme is thinking ahead for you mens and womens. Because I am always thinking and worrying the arts and crafts teacher at the rehab center. I am doing something positive now, so you can thank me when we go to the Super Bow (if we rebuild) in 2015.

    Oh, and maybe lure a Stoops or a Harbaugh.or an Urbane Meyer to coach mein team.

    Discuss and do not send me negative private messages. Look, I half feelings to.
  2. cowboys1981

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    QB: Romo will be the man for the next few years. We should have someone that can replace him once his time is done on the roster at some point in the future. The last thing we want is to force a rookie into a role of "America's Team QB"

    RB: Murray is still young and we drafted Randle this season. We still have yet to see Dunbar or Tanner get any snaps. With our pass friendly offense we are ok with these players.

    WR/TE: Witten is getting old but can give us some more years. Escobar is looking like a decent pickup. Dez, Williams, and Beasley are all young.

    Oline: Smith, Leary and Frederick are all young and have proven to be a good trio thus far. We can look at addressing the right side in the offseason though

    Dline: IMO this is our weakest part of the team. Ware is getting older but he's still an impact player. Their is a lack of depth on the DT spot and this should be our top priority this offseason.

    LB corps: Lee and Carter will be here for years to come. They are both very young!! I still want to see Holloman get some action. He has a nose for the ball

    DB: Wilcox and Claiborne are very young and will contribute for years to come. If I'm not mistaken Carr and Church are still under 30.


    Looking at each position we are very young with "impact" players with the exception of our Dline, so I think the rebuilding has been taking place under our nose. Just my opinion.
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    i am sorry for the misspellings but I had to write fast. The librarian was looking at me like she was saying "that charmings mans needs to get off the computer quicks."
  4. GimmeTheBall!

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    Thanks for mentioning our stellar LBs. I hope Wilcox and Church pan out.
  5. Beast_from_East

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    You dont draft a new QB 1 year after you give your current QB $50 million guaranteed on an extension.

    You also dont replace two corners when you gave one of them a $50 million dollar contract in free agency and the other one you traded up to the 6th overall pick and drafted.

    These are really the only two parts I took issue with.
  6. jnday

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    You have a good point . The time to blow it up was has passed a couple of years ago. Romo should have been traded instead of resigned.
  7. CowboyFan4Eva

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    I think in this day and age the smart orginazations. The savvy ones.......can "reload".

    The colts did it, And they are better then us right now.....

    But rebuilding may be the way to go......especially. If this "core" group of "superstars" can't it done......romo witten ware spencer Ratliff Miles Carr some others......

    It's on them........there is a window with romo........and it's closing,....,
  8. BanditHiro

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    if we can get a good d-line and start grooming a new QB and get Garrett the hell out of here we are set for the future.
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  9. big dog cowboy

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    We have been since JG took over. Compare the roster JG inherited to the one today. You will be very surprised.
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  10. PA Cowboy Fan

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    It seems like we have been rebuilding for the last 17 years.
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  11. dallasdave

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  12. rocyaice

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    We've been rebuilding for the past 3 years. QB and Defensive line are the only spots where we are considered "old" at and in Romo's defense he's not really old for a QB. This team has constantly been rebuilding. The core of this team is around 25. You can't rebuild any younger than that.
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  13. al124

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    I still think this team has the talent to win. If it had a real coach. Would've loved to have Andy Reid here.
  14. JoeyBoy718

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    I think we're set on offense. Romo has another 4 years left so we don't need to draft a QB for another 2 years or so. The skills positions are loaded with young talent and depth. Smith, Free and Frederick should be good for years. Leary is decent and Waters is old, so we might need to look for another guard or two but it isn't really a premium position. The defense has some issues. I think our LBs should be good. I also think our secondary should be okay. The real issue is the DL. We pretty much need to rebuild the entire DL.
  15. Beast_from_East

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    Actually its not that NFL roster turns over once every 3 years on average.

    3 years from now the roster will look nothing like it does today..............thats just the nature of the NFL.
  16. Apollo Creed

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    In a league of parity you don't rebuild - you just hope to have a solid enough QB not to make mistakes and hope to be on the right side of .500 at the end of every year, then hope to get hot at the right time.

    I'd like to wish there is an exact science but anything can happen on any given Sunday, injuries happen, calls go a certain way, etc.

    Look at it like this, had Crayton not dropped that pass against NYG in 2007, suddenly Romo isn't a 'choker', the G-Men don't win that Super Bowl and we probably win the NFC that year. History suddenly looks a lot different huh? I'd rather be lucky than good, real talk.
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  17. Beast_from_East

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    Yep, Crayton screwed up twice in that game. He dropped that pass when he was wide open over the middle with nobody between him and the end zone and then he pulled up on that TD pass with 21 seconds left. He makes either of these two plays and we probably go to the SB.

    The whole direction of this franchise changed on that day.............................what could have been.
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  18. Apollo Creed

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    No doubt.

    I hate to dwell on that day but it's the truth. The Giants suddenly got incredible momentum that propelled them to 2 Super Bowls (we already beat them twice that year by 10+ points). Romo starts to get that black cloud of playoff choker following the Seattle bobble the year before. And that perception that you can't get it done when it matters starts to get really deep into your team and organizational psyche.

    Romo doesn't fumble that snap and Crayton doesn't drop that pass/pull up on the route - we'd undoubtedly have an NFC title and possibly #6 in the trophy case. Truly is a game of inches.
  19. rocyaice

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    I'd be surprised if our core of Romo, Lee, Demarco, Dez, Carter, Carr, Claiborne, Church, etc. wouldn't be here. Guys around them may change but cores don't change every 3 years.
  20. Carharris2

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    Yes we have. While still being close to winning.

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