No "value" at 51?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BurninErn, Apr 26, 2009.

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    What a boring start to the draft!
    Jerry sees no value at 51 and passes on Sean Smith, William, Moore, Sebastian Vollmer, and other possible starters for more mid round picks.
    He thinks he's so smart he can find better value in the later rounds.
    Maybe he just can't pull the trigger, or he plans to swap all his picks for 30 7th rounders!!
    The odds are not good of finding solid players or even guys who can make the team in the late rounds.
    I'll bet most fans and smart NFL personnel men are laughing at Jerry!
    Is anyone else fed up and ready to fire the Cowboys "GM"?
    I give him a D- grade for his latest job performance.
    I predict that the Cowboys will not win another championship until he hires a smart GM.
    They need a real leader with toughness, emotion, and discipline as head coach too!
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    I think I'll wait to make my decision until we see who they take on Day 2. We did find Tashard Choice (4th round) and Scandrick (5th) last year.....

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