No reason we shouldnt beat Washington

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NotNOCODE, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. NotNOCODE

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    If we beat a team like S.D. at their place, there is no reason why we shouldnt be able to beat Was in our place. S.D. is better then Was....period. Did you see their pathetic play against the Bears(although i guess the Bears do kind of have a decent defense). Brees is better than anything Was has, L.T. is better then Portis(but not by much possibly), and i cant see any of Was recievers(S. Moss?) do what McCardell did to us. Was does have a good defense though, as much as id hate to admit it, but we beat that defense twice last year with Vinny, and once with Vinny and Eddie George if im not mistaken. So there.
  2. TheHustler

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    We can look past any team. If we get over confident and cocky, we could be in for a bad game, We're not good enough that we can be "expected" to win vs anyteam in the league.

    Then again, it is the redskins....
  3. Dale

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    You're certainly right that San Diego is a better team. And as you said, the Cowboys were able to muster a win against a playoff team on the road while Washington struggled against one of the league's worst teams, happening to start a fourth-round pick at quarterback, at home.

    But that's why they play the games. San Diego may be better, but perhaps Washington matches up better against us this season than they did a year ago and than does San Diego this season.

    It's a game the Cowboys should win, especially at home. A loss here is really dejecting after an emotional win to start the season. Maybe it's just me, but wins shouldn't be considered in the bag until they actually occur.
  4. jbsg02

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    I hope the players don't think like you think
  5. cowboygolfer

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    Washington will play us tough, But it is the Deadskins we have a week to prepare Monday Night on Nat'l television at home, ring of honor game.

    what a great night of football this should be.
  6. Tuna Helper

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    I have to agree with you. You can't afford to take a division rival lightly. Regardless of the W against the Chargers, Parcells will have plenty to pick on during the week to keep these guys focused. Special teams was far from special against the Chargers. McCardell was eating us alive, and we couldn't stop him. Pettiti had some penalties and what appeared to be mental lapses.

    Washington cannot be taken lightly, especially since we are so prone to making key mistakes right now.
  7. Smith22

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    1) We have to improve on special teams. Blocking on our returns wasn't very good and our special teams coverage was WAY below average.

    2) Deadskins still play good on defense, so we need to hold them in check early and give our offense a little time to get going.

    3) Our pass defense still has some holes, mainly at linebacker and safety. The Deadskins have some midgets at WR, but they are good at getting YAC if you give them open room.

    4) McBriar needs to settle down. He looked great all preseason but didn't look to good at all yesterday. We got lucky on the punt he shanked that kept rolling in our favor.
  8. kmd24

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    There is no reason why Washingron shouldn't have won most of the last 15 contests. Dallas swept a lot of years with BAD teams. Never know what will happen in this series.
  9. Qwickdraw

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    I don't generally make statements like this.

    But I'll make an exception this time...

    We WILL beat the Skins.

    Really. They are more pathetic than ever, right now.

    Damn I wish the Theisman crew was still doing Monday Nighters. I want that jerkoff to witness it firsthand.
  10. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Me too.
    But I think this will be a tough game. They always play a little better when they have to play us.
  11. dbair1967

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    I watched almost all of the Redskins game...some thoughts:

    1) their QB play is poor...Ramsey has the arm to make plays down field but not the accuracy...Brunell has absolutely no arm...havent heard who will start next week but niether was very good vs Chicago

    2) their OL is good, although they got away with a number of obvious holding calls...Samuels is a holding machine...but they opened holes for Portis and Betts (esp the 2nd half) and didnt allow anywhere near the hits on the QB that we did

    3) Greg Williams is probably the best defensive coordinator in football...amazing what he does with pretty limited talent (esp the front 7) think we almost had this guy, but unfortunately Zimmer changed his mind about Nebraska

    4) Skins special teams isnt great, but its better than ours

    5) small WR's but they have speed

    we should win the game...the Skins couldnt net one td at home against the Bears, who's defense isnt much better (if any) than ours..the Bears were in position to win and have nowhere near the offense we have...on the other hand Greg Williams will probably look at the SD game and design a crap load of blitzes to get at Bledsoe, as our pass protection was very shoddy...not turning the ball over will be key as the Skins are unlikely to score more than 14-17 pts on their own

  12. Ashwynn

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    We better spank the heck out of the skins, or I will be sorely disappointed.
  13. kingwhicker

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    I just don't have a good feeling about it. Anytime we honor somebody anymore it seems like we lose.
  14. aceware94

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    I live in Maryland and listen to mostly DC stations and they are already bashing the Cowboys up here. WPGC and WKYS in particular are Dallas haters. It's funny sometimes. They are saying Portis will eat us up, in particular going left when running at Demarcus Ware w/ the trap sweeps and what not. I say BS to that because even though LT ran left at Ware on the first series yesterday and ran right down the field, the rest of the game he didn't get out on Ware. Zimmer just needed to tell him a couple things. Dallas will be up for this game. National spotlight, Redskins on Monday night, and having a chance to go 2-0.
  15. Signals

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    While I would agree the Dallas Cowboys do have potential this year considering what I've seen in game one. As one NFL coach put it, "potential" is just another word for; "you aint done nothin' yet."

    So as the Gentleman above noted, Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
  16. Jarv

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    My biggest concern with the Skins offense id their passing game, belive it or not. Henry was aquired to stop TO, who is a big physical reciever. The Skins have a quicker smaller lineup of recievers with no real #1 guy to stop. They have a lot of #2 options. This could give us trouble.

    Henry and Newman should be jamming the WR's on the line to throw off their timing and release and we could use a lot of Glen and reeves in nickle situations. The Skins are a different team than SD...Different match up problems.
  17. jterrell

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    The only fear with Washington would be overlooking them but you dont overlook division rivals on Monday night in your home opener. With an extra day to prepare the better team usually wins and home teams have a big advantage early.

    We are a better team with more motivation to win, playing at home in front of what should be the best crowd of the (regular) season.
  18. DBoys

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    Last year we played the same defense and won
    Week 12 Nov 25 W 21-7 vs Chicago Bears
    J.Jones 33-150

    Our offense is a lot better this year.

    Againt the Bears WAS had;
    Portis (WAS) 121 yds
    Receiving: Moss (WAS) 96 yds

    2004 DAL vs WAS Week 3 vs Portis;
    WAS: C.Portis 23-94

    2004 DAL vs WAS Week 16 vs Portis;
    WAS: C.Portis 10-32

    We have had success stopping him with less talent. This year we have a lot more talent on the defensive side of the ball. We will have 8 men in the box and totally shutdown Portis. One thing I am not sure on is the secondary of the bears how are they fair vs our secondary?
  19. jazzcat22

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    BP will have them focused and will not let them overlook anything in this game. I think the players know they have something to prove. And will take it week to week, one game at a time. No looking ahead.
  20. dguinta1

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    Dang I give ya credit for watching the whole game. Ewww must have been fugly. Never take a inter division game lightly but I am feeling good about this one. :strongarm

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