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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Jed_70, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Jed_70

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    Am I the only person that thinks Kyle Orton is good QB? I was listening to the NFL channel on Sirius radio and they brought up his name as a player that might be moved this week. I also read an article that mentioned the same thing.

    Based on his play over the last couple of seasons I'd label him as a low tier 2 or high tier 3 QB. In my opinion, tier 2 guys would be guys like Romo, E. Manning, and Flacco.

    He has his flaws but I think he's better than most QBs in the NFL. I also think he's better than Tebow will ever be. I think Denver would be making a mistake if they just hand Tebow the job.
  2. Hoofbite

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    He's not bad.

    I wouldn't want to bank on him for the future but he surely has some value as a guy who can man that position for a bit.
  3. Seven

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    A Parcells special. Bus driver and not much more.
  4. Jed_70

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    I think he's a bit more than a bus driver.

    My idea of a bus driver is a guy who is just asked to manage the offense. Maybe pass it 20-25 times a game while not putting the defense in bad situations with silly turnovers.

    He's asked to sling it around too much to be called a bus driver, IMO.

    Maybe he's a hybrid bus driver, 2011 version. :confused:
  5. DFWJC

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    I think Orton greatly benefited from having Josh Daniels as his OC.

    I think he is a pretty good QB but would never tier him with Romo, E manning or even Flacco.

    He tiers more with a guy like David Garrard, imo. They both have good passer ratings and don't turn it over much and can win games with their arms if needed. Except Jax was much more run oriented compared to Denver. Garrard threw for more TDs, rushed for way more TDs, and had a higher passer rating. Orton had more passing yards.
  6. BraveHeartFan

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    He's a decent QB. I wouldn't want to bank on him to be the face of your franchise at the QB spot. Maybe if you had the old Ravens, Bucs, or Bears defenses from the years they won Superbowls then you'd want a guy like him.
  7. Muhast

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    No your not the only one. Mike and Mike were talking about him quite a bit today. Also NFL network group were talking about him quite a bit.

    *random, but I heard Tarvaris Jackson is a front runner as the most likely ending up in Seattle from La Canfora.
  8. Shinywalrus

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    I think he fits in a bit of a different tier - he's not a "bus driver", because he has strength and tools that actually let him do things with the ball - but it's only a small set of systems in which he'd be anything other than average.

    Cassel probably fits in this one as well.
  9. Seven

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    I can agree with this. Although he slung it around because their defense sucked and they had a horrid running game. With that said......he still slung it around successfully.

    There is a reason he's being shopped and Denver is going with Tebow, tho.
  10. ZeroClub

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    Yeah, I'd take Orton over Jackson in a heartbeat.
  11. rickwil61

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    I'd agree. I live in Denver and from what I've seen of him I think he is a pretty good passer and solid all around QB. What he lacks is the charisma in his personality and that affects public perception of him. I'm not sure what he's like in the huddle and that's the only place I can think of that his personality could affect his game. I think that if Arizona is smart, they'll jump all over him.
  12. Sam I Am

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    He can be my backup.
  13. DFWJC

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    A big part of measuring "talent" at the QB position is measuring brain power...and few can match Orton in that area. He's very bright and uses it well. Without that mind, he would not even be in the NFL, b/c his raw athletic skills and arm strength are marginal. But I singing to the choir on this.

    They say Orton and Henne will compete in Miami, but you have to think he will win that job (assuming he goes there).
  14. InmanRoshi

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    Fandom is generally hot and cold when it comes to QBs, meaning a guy absolutely sucks or he's great. They have a hard time wrapping their heads around a better than average to good QB.

    I have a hard time comparing him to Gerrard, he's more of a healthy Matt Hasselbeck. The Jaguars have never depended on Gerrard to carry them. They rely on a defense and running game, with Gerrard making enough big plays to win the game. The thing about Orton is he knew, and opposing defenses knew, that he was the only chance Broncos had to win the game. The pathetic Broncos defense was going to give up 30+ points, the Broncos were going to have absolutely no running game, and it was up to Orton to put up 35 points for his team to have any hope of winning the game. Generally, QBs in that situation throw a ton of picks because they're forced to throw the ball into non-ideal situations. Orton didn't do that. Only a Peyton Manning could thrive under those circumstances, and Orton's not that caliber. That doesn't mean he can't thrive under other circumstances. Miami isn't going to ask him to throw it 45 times a game and put up 35+ points on his arm. Also, the warm weather climate will help him considerably with his marginal arm strength

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