No thread about the 2nd to last possesion?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bbailey423, Nov 18, 2012.

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    That series sums up Garrett coaching philosophy IMO. Play it not to lose. This is why he has a mediocre record at this point. I do not see us going anywhere with him at the helm.
    Does anyone know a good doctor who does ball implants?? :D
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    They did run on the first play, and got a holding penalty, which backed them up 10 yards, and stopped the clock.
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    It's OK to play not to lose if you don't lose. How many times did Romo get sacked today? If he gets sacked in the end zone, Cowboys probably lose by one. Giving up 2 points with a four point lead is not something you want to do, especially if you have to give the ball right back with them only needing a field goal to win the game.
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    Agreed! The problem is, most of the time you lose.
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    Well, that's the thing, Garrett has been ripped for not understanding situational football (and rightfully so in many cases). But this time, he played it right. He made the Browns burn their three time outs, he put the game in the hands of the defense against a rookie qb instead of the o-line. He also took away the risk of a holding in the endzone, sack in the endzone, or the incompletion and giving them a free timeout. I don't blame him for a second for trusting his defense more than the offensive line. Given what had happened up to that point, I'd call that GOOD situational football on that series.

    The fact that the bad punt/penalty/touchdown pass happened doesn't negate his strategy, any more than the times that Romo has bailed him out have negated his mistakes.
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    Check my post on the post game thread ! I completely can understand,

    Originally Posted by ConstantReboot
    Now why did we wait till the 2nd half for our offense to come alive? Its not that our oline is bad. It is.....

    Fumble is all on Romo, it is situational awareness, you don't have to extend plays when broken things when you are leading by 4 points, ball security is more important.

    What was bad play call is three running plus in your 1 yard line when Cleveland had 3 TOs and punt the ball from deep end zone to J.cribbs. at least u try to get one throw to sidelines or slant.
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    I was a little more concerned with the fact that he took a timeout after Clevelands 3rd down.

    Look, I understand having the ball with time is important but you're up and the defense just got a stop on 3rd down.

    I'm all for the clock stop on 2nd down. Can't lose seconds in that position because they have 2 shots to the endzone.

    But after they fail on 3rd down, if you let the clock run they're either going to have to go with a play called in from the sideline with a rookie QB in a game winning situation or call a timeout. They either call timeout themselves or they simply risk being less prepared than comfortable in a situation when the game is on the line.

    As for simply running up the middle like they did, I hate it. Not because of the run itself but they came out with 1 WR. Should not ever happen and at this point with how horrible the OL is at blocking a simple 4 man rush, any time Dallas comes out with no WRs on the field and allows the defense to stack the box, someone should be fired.

    Also, Dez Bryant should not be on the sideline in that situation. End of story.

    He should be in the game and if he gets single coverage, it should be automatic to let him try to make a play. I'm sick of seeing Dallas fail to utilize the attributes that their players have. Martellus Bennett was the big mismatch maker and Dallas never utilized his size in the Redzone where it could be most advantageous.

    Dez Bryant is Dallas' most athletic and capable receiver in terms of attacking the ball in the air. Use that trait. At least have the threat of it on the field.

    The whole sequence was kind of odd. Garrett had so little confidence in the defense to get the stop that he burns two timeouts to give himself time to operate on offense.......then he turns around and concedes possession of the ball by running from what is likely one of Dallas' weaker formations, thereby displaying confidence in the defense to go and preserve the win.

    From that position, is a pass risky? Sure. But you have a QB who can handle it. At least if you're thinking about paying him 70M this offseason you better have a QB who can handle it. He isn't forced to take a sack in the endzone. Make it clear he either gets the matchup he wants and if his first option doesn't look good that he gets rid of the ball.

    But lets say a safety does happen. Still winning and you get a free kick to make Cleveland move a much longer distance. There's more time on the clock because your passing was unsuccessful (had it been successful the game is over) and you are still putting the onus on the defense to preserve the win. To a greater extent no doubt because any points win when you are up 2 but presumably the difference in distance prevents the points.

    Not entirely miffed about the way he played it. I would have preferred that Dallas actually put a formation on the field that at bare minimum presents the threat to pass to avoid letting the Browns stack the box with 7 guys but it is what it is I suppose.

    Still not sure about the lack of confidence displayed by preserving time for the offense and then the turn around minutes later and total confidence displayed by essentially running plays from a formation that might as well just be Romo taking a knee. No shot in hell to move the ball against a stacked line because the OL cannot win individual matchups.

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